Archiving & Content Management

To meet the ever-growing demands for managing, storing and repurposing digital content, Sony's robust, long-term solutions maximise flexibility, scalability, reliability, and performance. From freelancer to national broadcaster, we have what you need to overcome the challenges, today and tomorrow. Our Optical Disc Archive and mass storage and archive solutions equip the professional broadcast and pro A/V industries with total peace of mind.

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Discover Optical Disc Archive

Large or small scale, discover how Sony’s Optical Disc Archive (ODA) provides excellent data archiving and asset management. Easily scalable to grow with your business and future proof, ODA can help you achieve safe long-term storage for all your digital assets while keeping archiving costs low. Simple to get started and with a life of up to 100 years, discover how ODA can help you manage, protect and access your data archive.

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Media Backbone NavigatorX

Managing media assets isn’t something that only the major broadcasters need to do. It’s a fact of running a production business of any size in the real world. Why? Because your media is your most valuable asset – it’s what you (and your clients) count on to capture, create and even repurpose in the making of your product. Without managing it, you risk wasting time, losing assets, missing deadlines – and possibly having unhappy customers.

So what happens if you haven’t had a chance to rein yours in yet: your content is in different places, in multiple formats, all filed away with different metadata tags and barely any organisation?

We have the answer for you. And the good news is – you can start with the workflow you have now. Sony Media Backbone NavigatorX is the scalable, flexible and affordable solution to start managing your media in a small organisation, and thinking like a big one – so you can save more money, prevent data losses, become more efficient, and even find more business opportunities with your productions.

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The Vatican video archive goes digital with Sony's innovative Optical Disc Archive

Video footage of special moments in the lives of the Popes are among the Vatican’s most precious assets. Thanks to Sony technology these irreplaceable records will soon be safer and more easily accessible than ever.

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