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Content management software for Optical Disc Archive System Content Manager

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Taking care of your precious content
This content management software application simplifies the storage, retrieval and management of audio-visual content with Sony's Optical Disc Archive (ODA) system.


Safeguard your precious content
Archive all your audio-visual materials to shelf-managed Optical Disc Cartridges.
Easy content management
Perform quick, easy browsing, searching and retrieval of archived contents.
Offline cartridge management
Manage a range of offline features, including printing cartridge labels.
Automatic proxy and thumbnail creation
Generates proxy videos and thumbnails for browsing and searching of shelf-managed ODA cartridges.
Advanced search
Perform powerful searches using speech-to-text script and/or face-recognition data.
Checksum Archive
Supports Checksum Archive function.
Direct viewing
Allows direct viewing of audio-visual material on Optical Disc Cartridge (requires installation of Catalyst Browse *1)
*Please update Optical Disc Archive Software to V3.1 or later when using Content Manager V2.3 or later
*1: Please download Catalyst Browse from