The revolutionary benefits of 4K in healthcare

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With our 4K products – four times the details of Full HD – we empower medical teams to view, record, store and share images from endoscopic cameras and other operating room modalities with immersive details, increased contrast and rich, vivid colour. Our 4K end-to-end solutions allow easy access and sharing of powerful 4K images to anywhere in the world depending on the configuration.

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Transforming medical imaging in the operating room

Imagine seeing blood vessels, tissue, and organs in detail in richer detail than full HD. The sharper 4K picture provides a truer to life clarity of colour and detail so important in minimally invasive, microsurgical, and general surgery procedures. Now everyone in the OR can have a more realistic view of the procedure. Video and still images captured and displayed in 4K give surgeons and clinical staff improved perception of fine details during complex procedures with virtually no pixilation.

Higher quality and realism of medical imaging

From endoscopic camera systems and surgical microscopes to remotely controlled pan, tilt, zoom cameras – our solution gives staff the opportunity to review a surgical process from all angles – anywhere, any time.

Surgeons check Sony surgical monitor with surgical image during endoscopic procedure
Surgeons check Sony surgical monitor with surgical image during procedure

Clearer visuals for teaching and training

Our 4K products and complete workflow solutions enable surgeons and hospitals to share content efficiently whether across the hospital campus or across the world.
By integrating powerful 4K images into every phase of the workflow, from the OR to the auditorium, medical professionals can better educate their patients and students, store accurate visual reference imaging for training, and make more impactful presentations.

Upscale HD workflows - with our 4K monitors

Thanks to our unique 4K upscaling algorithm, our 4K monitors can provide a natural, sharp 4K view when upscaling HD images to 4K. ‘HD customers’ who invest in 4K displays today can achieve improved image quality and be ready when they eventually upgrade to a 4K system.

4K solutions are scalable

Our 4K workflow solution could include medical recorders to simply document procedures – right through to video over IP capability to route the video throughout the hospital network and content management for secure storage, access, and sharing.

Surgeons check Sony surgical monitor with surgical image during procedure

Upgrade to the benefits of a 4K workflow

We can help at every step. The benefits of upgrading to 4K will secure a more future-proof solution, not to mention the huge benefits of viewing in clearer detail than ever before. Our goal is to help enhance the workflow – whether performing surgery in the operating room, sharing information for training, education, and collaboration – or assessing and reviewing images with a patient.

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