Product images of SRG A40 and SRG A12 with Infocomm and ISE awards logos.

SRG-A40/ SRG-A12 with PTZ Auto Framing

Revolutionary PTZ Auto Framing technology powered by built-in AI analytics ensures high quality composed shots without operator.

Shooting redefined. AI makes you free.

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A Camera that Automatically and Naturally Shoots Video for you

With the advanced PTZ Auto Framing feature, the camera automatically track the target in a comfortable viewing with smooth Pan-Tilt-Zoom movement regardless of posture, movement and what one is wearing.

Since the camera does most of the work automatically, the operator can spend its time efficiently.

PTZ Auto Framing with built-in AI analytics

This camera harnesses powerful AI-powered video analytics that can automatically detect and track the position of a presenter within the camera frame. As the presenter moves, the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom mechanism ensures that the presenter is always framed naturally, without the need for a human camera operator to manually follow their movements.

Man with skeleton outline marked out

Automatically and reliably shoots video for you

With Sony’s newly developed AI analytics algorithm, it detects the subject’s skeleton and head position and matches the subject’s detail features even when there are several people in the frame. It achieves accurate framing and consistent tracking.

Choice from three shooting modes

The camera has a choice of three shooting modes; Full body, Waist, and Close up. In each mode, you can adjust picture composition (size, up & down, and left & right) and the SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 can automatically track and keep the subject in the selected optimal position.

Full body action shot of man presenting taken from SRG-A40
Full Body
Waist shot of man presenting taken from SRG-A40
Close up shot of man presenting taken from SRG-A40
Integrated tally lamp

The SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 feature a built-in tally lamp, just like you’d find on professional studio cameras. The lamp illuminates to give presenters visual confirmation of shooting status, or to show that PTZ Auto Framing mode is active. The lamp colour will change from Red (On Air) to Green (PTZ Auto Framing ON).

PTZ camera with red tally lamp
PTZ camera with green tally lamp
Key Features
High speed icon
High speed pan/tilt

Speedy, precise pan/tilt operation ensures that the camera can accurately keep track of the presenter’s movements.

Wide angle icon
Wide angle zoom lens

As well as powerful close-ups, the camera can capture broad shots of the presenter or audience with a wide field of view.

Zoom icon
Powerful Zoom, wide angle

Integrated high-resolution lens offers zoom capability up to 40x (FHD) or 30x (4K) with Clear Image Zoom for SRG-A40 and 12x for SRG-A12, with an expansive approx. 70° wide angle coverage to capture every point of view.

Moving person in frame icon.
PTZ Auto Framing

Automatically track a person with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom movement regardless of posture, movement and what one is wearing, while frame the subject naturally for comfortable viewing.

Button setting icon
Preset camera positions

Store and instantly recall up to 256 preset camera positions.

Picture frame icon
Picture Freeze Preset

The camera can output high-quality still images simultaneously while streaming 4K video.

Focus icon
AF, AE and AWB

Auto Focus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance ensure professional-looking results without manual exposure adjustments.

Motion icon
PTZ Motion Sync

Pan, tilt and zoom movements transition smoothly between preset camera positions.

Simple, flexible setup
Play video icon
IP streaming

Stream 4K 30p video from the camera with support for popular IP protocols – ideal for live events and webcasts.

Network cable icon
Single network cable

Power supply (POE++), image/audio output, and camera control all enabled by a single network cable which allows simple integration.

HDMI cable icon
HDMI/SDI outputs

As well as live streaming over IP, the camera can simultaneously output video via HDMI and SDI for conventional production.

Picture icon
Picture Setting File

Easily copy picture settings across multiple cameras for quick, convenient set-up in multi-camera shooting environments.

Versatile functions for remote operation

Remote control of PTZ operation

Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera movements and other functions can all be precisely controlled using the supplied IR remote controller, for convenient wireless control of PTZ functions without needing additional equipment. It can also be controlled using the optional additional RM-IP500 remote controller, just like professional broadcast cameras.

Remote control product image
Laptop with camera controls displayed

Convenient control from PC

Camera functions can also be controlled remotely from a networked PC using our intuitive Web App.

*Windows only

Convenient installation in every environment
Ceiling mounted PTZ camera in room
Easy ceiling mounting

The camera comes supplied with a mounting plate for convenient ceiling installation if required.

Man installing PTZ camera on ceiling
Light, compact design

The camera’s stylish, compact body fits unobtrusively into any environment.

One white and one black camera product images
Choice of colour finishes

The camera is available in a choice of black or while colour finishes, to suit the needs of any application.