Mathieu Le Lay

Based in the French Alps, Mathieu’s biggest privilege as a filmmaker is to work on subjects that fascinate him, and drive him to bring emotional and visual depth to his films. His focus is to tell genuine stories of the interaction between humans and nature, inspiring people to connect with our natural world.

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PXW-FX9 full-frame camcorder

Mathieu’s Kit

With the PXW-FX9 and other Sony gear, Mathieu has developed the creative and technical skills to shoot documentary films in some of the planet’s most remote and harshest environments. From the 16-35mm wide-angle lens to the 200-600mm versatile telephoto lens, he prefers using zoom lenses to easily change his focal length while keeping extremely good optical quality. Thanks to his Sony kit, Mathieu is able to shoot natural landscapes, wildlife scenery or human portraits and mostly focuses on filming in the great outdoors with natural light. When necessary, he loves using large aperture lenses such as the 24mm f/1.4 to shoot in extreme low-light conditions at dawn or at dusk and even in the middle of the night with a full moon or with Northern Lights dancing in the sky. For recording audio in the field, he uses the UWP-D21/K33 wireless audio kit with a URX-P03D/K33 so he can capture two different people talking at the same time.

Stay true to your passion and put in the hard work to succeed.

Mathieu Le Lay

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