San Marino RTV chooses Sony Professional Optical Disc Archive technology for digital storage

Founded in 1991 on the basis of an agreement between ERAS (Ente per la Radiodiffusione Sammarinese — San Marino broadcasting body) and RAI (Italy’s national public broadcasting company), San Marino RTV is the public radio and television broadcasting company of the Republic of San Marino.

News programmes play a key role in the San Marino RTV schedule, with four editions of TG San Marino broadcast every day from 8 am onwards. As well as news programmes, the television schedule features films, dramas, documentaries, daily programmes, music and entertainment shows and public service broadcasts.

The broadcasting company decided to equip itself with a backup and disaster recovery system based on Sony Professional Optical Disc Archive (ODA) technology, with the aim of transferring its historical archive to an innovative and reliable non-tape system, increasing available space. The archive contains more than 20,000 hours of content, all of which will be digitalised using our new storage solution, which is capable of storing up to 1.5 terabytes of data on a single cartridge. This data will then be managed via the HMS management software developed by SI Media.

Extreme reliability and reduced running costs thanks to the system’s backward compatibility are the key features of the Optical Disc Archive that make it the perfect solution for deep archive and disaster recovery applications. Each ODA cartridge can hold thousands of files whilst allowing production teams to search and access specific content quickly and consistently. Digitalisation allows for optimum storage of the material, eliminating the risk of losing valuable content. Our optical disc technology is extremely robust and does not require dedicated air-conditioned spaces in order to run. This technology also boasts an estimated storage life of over 50 years.

Sony Professional is one of our trusted partners. The solutions proposed by Sony Professional are always extremely valuable, particularly in light of the specific requirements of our broadcasting company.

Carlo Romeo
CEO of San Marino RTV

San Marino RTV previously entrusted us with updating its studio and ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras, and also creating its virtual studio. For this project, the company chose to use BRC-H900 remote studio cameras, designed to function automatically. The broadcaster has chosen Sony once again — this time, to modernise San Marino RTV’s storage system, developing a solution that guarantees quality and reliability both now and in the future.

Working closely with San Marino RTV to determine the optimal configuration for the Optical Disc Archive library, it was tailored to the company’s exact needs. The system design includes an ODS-L30M-type base model, an ODS-L100E expansion unit and two ODS-D77F model drives with FC connection. The full capacity of the library is achieved using 130 non-rewritable 1.5-TB cartridges. The package provide by Sony Professional is further enhanced by a three-year maintenance contract, ensuring operational continuity.

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