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So, which camera should I choose?

Both the BRC and SRG remote camera ranges have many similar traits – for a start, the chassis look very alike. However, there are differences hiding inside these little robotic cameras. Each series is tailored to maximise the potential for their specific application setting.

BRC cameras

BRC studio cameras are primarily aimed at the broadcast industry. The imaging technology within this series is specifically tailored to areas like studios, newsrooms and live interview rooms.

Professional quality images are captured, from any angle – making a BRC camera a versatile choice for today’s modern broadcaster.

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SRG cameras

SRG live streaming cameras are primarily aimed at the conventional corporate and larger venue applications. Houses of worship, boardrooms and auditoria are the perfect setting.

Again, the imaging technology within these SRG cameras make it possible for live events, meetings and ceremonies to be captured in high definition quality, captivating those specific audiences.

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BRC remote cameras

Enjoy true high quality footage, plus the flexibility and convenience of remote, robotic operation. Our compact BRC remote cameras are perfect for TV broadcast studios, remote on-air suites and live sports events. With silent PTZ control plus broadcast-friendly features like a tally lamp for on-air operation, the BRC range is packed with the latest remote-recording technology. There’s also a full range of interface and remote control options to integrate simply with your broadcast infrastructure.

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TV studios and newsrooms

Our BRC-H900 remote camera belongs in a modern broadcast environment, delivering uncompromising Full HD picture quality without requiring a dedicated camera operator on the studio floor. With tripod or ceiling mount options, silent PTZ and a tally light they’re ideal for news and other on-air applications.

Isolated rooms

Capture broadcast quality pictures in environments where it’s not practical or desirable to have a full-sized camera with a dedicated operator. BRC cameras are ideal for remote studios and reality TV, as well as any type of isolated interview room. Our BRC-H700 brings the convenience of unattended PTZ operation, and the ‘Image Flip’ function means that the remote camera can be mounted on a ceiling using the supplied ceiling mount kit or placed on a flat surface depending on your needs.

Live sports and outdoor events

BRC robotic cameras are great for live sports coverage, slipping easily into prime positions to capture the ultimate action. With our BRC-Z700 cameras, you can stitch together amazing angles – capturing the entire scene and all the crucial moments. These remote cameras can also be placed in hard-to-access areas where there’s no space for a full-sized camera and dedicated operator – like right by the goalmouth, by a dangerous bend in a race track or hanging from the roof of a stadium.

SRG remote cameras

SRG remote cameras capture smooth detailed pictures at Full HD resolution, even in dimly-lit locations. Speedy PTZ control with powerful zoom and a wide viewing angle ensure that every video conference participant is seen clearly. Multiple outputs let you stream your footage over IP networks and record simultaneously – great for medical lectures, virtual meetings, webcasts and corporate presentations.

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Boardrooms and meeting rooms

From video conferences to virtual meetings – Sony SRG remote cameras are the ideal choice for capturing clearly-detailed pictures in meeting rooms, conference suites and huddle spaces. Small, silent and discreet, they’re a stylish addition to any boardroom. Picture quality is far superior to any webcam, with high sensitivity and excellent contrast to give meetings a more professional polish.

Featured model: SRG-300SE

Classrooms, lecture theatres and auditoria

Enhance teaching and collaborative learning with SRG remote cameras. Connect pupils and lecturers in real time across different campuses and with other colleges. Encourage interactive discussions, and stream lectures and classroom presentations across the web with detail-packed HD clarity. Record lessons and lectures for pupils to review and deepen their understanding of new topics.

Featured model: SRG-120DU

Houses of worship

Streaming and displaying a service or ceremony within a House of Worship could pose difficulties due to the varying size of the venues. No matter the size – our SRG remote streaming series can capture close ups and full scenes clearly – enabling any formalities and rituals to be streamed live around the venue, so that no matter where the congregation are sitting or standing, the images are clear.

High quality voice capture is also possible via the stereo audio connection – you can attach a microphone to stream both sound and imagery on our SRG-360SHE camera. A lip-sync feature makes it even easier to disperse irregularities between picture and sound.

Small scale broadcasts

The SRG-360SHE streams smooth, detail-packed Full HD (1080/60p) video over an IP network connection, with additional outputs providing simultaneous feeds over 3G-SDI and HDMI at the same time. This triple streaming capability makes the camera ideal for smaller scale broadcasts – such as high-end vlogging, or pre-recorded interviews.

An improved PTZ mechanism ensures smooth, steady camera movements for polished, professional-looking coverage of any scene. Separate pan, tilt and zoom movements can be synchronised to start and stop together, and a ‘trace’ of pre-set camera positions can be stored for recall at any time.

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