SZC-2016 (SZC2016)

HD HFR 16x slo-mo support software for BPU-4800 baseband processor unit


Pay Per Use software licensing agreements for baseband processor units offer users greater flexibility and significant cost savings
The SZC-2016, SZC-2016M and SZC-2016W are the software licenses supporting HD HFR. The licenses allow you to record Full HD at up to 16x (959.04 fps) or 8x (479.52 fps) ultra slow motion on the BPU-4800 baseband processor unit, working with the HDC-4800 system camera. The licenses give you a high level of flexibility to purchase the equipment you want, when you want it, with the confidence your baseband processor unit is future-proofed for changing demands.

The SZC-2016 can be permanently used.
The SZC-2016M can be used for a 30-day limited period.
The SZC-2016W can be used for a 7-day limited period.
Activation key for pre-installed software.