OB-Team chooses Sony DWX digital wireless system

OB-Team, a Norwegian full service facility house for TV production, has replaced its existing wireless microphone system with the Sony DWX wireless system to enhance its technical offering within digital audio.


Norwegian company OB-Team has decided to replace its existing microphone system with Sony DWX wireless system. Highlighting sound quality, dynamic range, flexibility with third-party technology and cross remote as key factors in opting for Sony’s digital audio offering, OB-Team is confident they are investing in the best and most future proof technology available on the market.


Sony and OB-Team builds on its long lasting relationship, having partnered on major broadcast projects in Norway over many years. When OB-Team decided to replace their wireless audio system, the challenge was to select a system that could provide the ultimate sound quality, flexibility and ease of use. OB Team was convinced to pilot Sony’s digital wireless system.

We were very pleased by how well Sony’s digital audio system performed in terms of sound quality, especially the dynamic range.

Espen Helgor

Sony solution

A total of 38 channels provided by 19 Sony DWR-R02D 2-channel receivers, 1 DWR-S02D receiver, 8 DWT-P01N wireless microphone plug-on transmitters, 32 DWT-B01N pocket transmitters and 25 DWM-02N wireless handheld transmitters, as well as some audio accessories, were supplied by Drammen Lyd, Sony’s audio dealer in Norway. The DWX system uses the Sony WiDIF-HP Codec, which captures the subtlety of analogue sound, but adds the advantages of an all-digital architecture. It further achieves a high quality digital 24 bit/48kHz audio transmission across a linear frequency range of 20Hz to 22kHz.


Espen Helgor from OB-Team is very pleased with the new system capabilities:

“Our experience so far has been very good. The system has already been up and running on major TV shows airing on the national TV station TV2. We are very impressed with the sound quality, and the support given by the team at Sony. The systems versatility has been key, as we have been shifting the equipment around to different venues depending on the project we are working on.”

Why Sony was selected

After rating different alternatives and with the successful previous collaborations with Sony in mind OB-Team decided to invest in Sony’s digital offering. OB-Team considered it a great advantage that the technology offers flexibility and that the handheld transmitters can be fitted with microphone capsules from various different microphone manufacturers. Users of the audio equipment, ranging from singers to program hosts, have clear microphone preferences and with Sony wireless microphones OB -Team could cater to individual needs with the preferred capsule on top.

Mick Sheehan, Sony: “The fact that our DWX system already has been used on popular TV productions running on TV2 Norway is a testament to the quality of our professional audio offering. These shows demand the best and most reliable quality audio equipment available. Building on over 40 years of experience in this field, we expect to see further uptake of our products as an increasing number of companies make the switch from analogue to digital audio acquisition.”

OB-Team was looking for a system that could deliver both stability and great sound quality. In addition, they wanted to be able to use the audio products both for multi camera studio productions and sports productions. Sony DWX technology could meet all these needs and more.

Paul Ivar Skjærvold
Drammen Lyd

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