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Bringing the power, emotion and excitement of sport to audiences both inside the stadium and worldwide is a constantly evolving challenge for broadcasters and stadiums alike. With rapid advances in imaging technology, displays, officiating technology and digital media, fans demand to get closer to the action than ever before.

Backed by decades of development, we are experts in building powerful and reliable solutions for broadcasters, stadiums, rights holders and more. Delivering best-in-class officiating, broadcast, and digital solutions to the sports world, from the action on the ground to fans around the world.

Hawk-Eye Innovations

Hawk-Eye is recognised as a global leader in the live sports arena, pioneering changes across Broadcast Production, Officiating and Performance through cutting-edge technology.

Hawk-Eye’s optical tracking, vision-processing, video review and creative graphic technologies make sport fairer, safer, more engaging and better informed.

The world’s biggest sporting events trust Hawk-Eye to make the right call, when it matters most.

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Hawk-Eye Replay

Hawk-Eye Replay - Hawk-Eye’s flexible broadcast replay solution built for today’s live productions.

Taking the best of Hawk-Eye’s award-winning golf production technology, ‘Every Shot Every Hole’, and combining it with our optical tracking capabilities and data platforms, Hawk-Eye has developed a broadcast replay system ideal for today’s remote, creative and distributed workflows.

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Pulselive are responsible for creating, developing and managing digital platforms for some of the biggest names and events in global sports.

Through a suite of products developed exclusively for sport and a highly experienced team, Pulselive deliver world-class digital solutions that engage millions of sports fans every day.

Creating experiences sports fans can’t live without.

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Sports stadiums

Large-screen displays have come to play an essential role in generating excitement throughout sports stadiums around the world. From presenting powerful scenes in real time, to relaying images to stadium monitors and supplying subscription content to TV and other media enterprises, our Live Production systems deliver solutions for every sports stadium.

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Live Production

Bring the power, emotion and excitement of sport to the fans with Live Production systems that offer smooth and brilliant images in both 4K and HD resolutions and extremely stable broadcast feeds. Backed by years of development, we offer powerful and reliable solutions to broadcasters worldwide.

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From cameras to consoles, switchers to monitors, Sony has a wide range of products and solutions to help take your esports production to the next level and bring fans even more excitement. Create, manage and stream content with workflows built for speed and efficiency.

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