Health Check Service

Ensure your camera or monitor is in excellent working order with Sony.

Group shot of Sony Camcorders & Monitor with PrimeSupport logo.

Get that extra peace of mind

Available for camcorders and monitors

VENICE, PMW-F5 / F55, PXW-FX9, PXW-Z280, PXW-Z190, PXW-X500, PXW-Z450, PXW-X400, PXW-FS7 / FS7 II, PXW-FS5 / FS5 II and BVM, PVM & LMD Professional Monitors.

Up to 22 individual tests*

Comprehensive electrical and mechanical testing regime

Update to latest firmware

Installation of latest firmware by Sony engineers

Sony certified

Health Check Certificate supplied with your product’s return

If we spot any problems during the Health Check, with your prior agreement, we can also perform any repairs for a fee.

All shipping costs are included within the cost of Health Check, saving you time and stress.

Upon successful completion of the Health Check, you’ll get 30-day access to purchase a PrimeSupport extension. Depending on your product, you may be eligible for another 1, 2 or 3 years of PrimeSupport.

To purchase your Health Check service, please contact your dealer and request product code PSP.CAM-HC (for camcorders) or PSP.MON-HC (for monitors).

* For camcorders there are up to 22 tests and up to 15 tests for monitors.

Contact your nearest dealer