Digital wireless microphone plug-on transmitter
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High quality wide-band transmitter with three codec modes providing short audio latency and more reliable transmission

The DWT-P01N XLR plug-on transmitter forms part of the DWX series digital wireless microphone system that offers high-quality full-digital operation shorter audio latency and more reliable RF transmission mode - a perfect match for high-quality ENG/EFP applications.

The DWX series system delivers superb-quality wireless transmission of 24-bit digital audio. Thanks to its improved codec and new hardware, it can provide higher sound quality with lower audio latency.

NOTE: This model is available in multiple versions to support the widest possible range of operating frequencies. Please refer to product specifications for more information.

Three codec modes designed for wide variety of applications

MODE1 for compatibility with DWX series applications, MODE2 with higher quality sound and low latency ideal for theatre, tour and broadcast applications, and MODE3 with more reliable RF transmission ideal for speech applications.

Low audio latency and high quality sound

MODE2 provides higher quality sound with a 96kHz sampling rate and very low audio latency of 1.5 msec*.

More reliable RF transmissions expands the operation range

MODE3 operation optimised for reliable transmission by preventing drop out by interference with additional error correction.

Compatibility with DWX series

MODE1 operation provides the same high quality, reliability and audio latency as the previous DWX series version.

*Analogue out, 2.5 msec for digital out

Wide frequency coverage with choice of channels available

The extra wide switching bandwidth covers a wide area, with a wide choice of channels available across multiple models—please refer to product specifications for more information.
14UC: 470.125 MHz to 541.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 14 to 25)
30A UC: 566.125 MHz to 607.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 30 to 36), 25 kHz steps
42LA: 638.125 MHz to 697.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 42 to 51), 25 kHz steps (not available in the US or Canada)

For customers in North America

The DWT-P01N/30 and DWT-P01N/42 models operates in portions of the 617-652 MHz or 663-698 MHz frequencies. As of 2017, these frequencies are being transitioned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the 600 MHz service to meet increasing demand for wireless broadband services. Users of these models must cease operating on these frequencies no later than July 13, 2020. In addition, users may be required to cease operations before that date if their operations could cause harmful interference to a 600 MHz service licensee's wireless operations on these frequencies. For more information, contact the FCC.

For customers in Canada, please consult ISED’s Spectrum Advisory Bulletin for recent information related to the 600 MHz band transition.


Low noise head amplifier

Low noise head amplifier achieves -128dBu noise floor.

Flexible audio input control

48dB at 3dB steps audio attenuation supported. Line / Microphone input supported. Transmitter audio attenuation can be controlled from receiver side using Sony wireless remote control system.

Flexible battery options

The DWT-P01N is able to accept a variety of AA type battery, such as Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH etc.

Selectable output power

Various output powers are selectable to provide the user with options for stable multi-channel or long distance operation. (1/10/50 mW)

Versatile display using organic LED display

A variety of information is obtained at a glance from the new OLED display panel, such as the reception channel, Audio and RF signal status, user name, user group, Lock etc.

Wireless remote control

A duplex wireless remote control system is supported. The DWT-B01N is able to be controlled via the DWR-S02DN receiver. Settings that are changed on the receiver are automatically sent and changed on the paired DWT-P01N transmitter.

Wide operating frequency ranges

DWT-P01N can operate over a 72Mhz frequency band.


Transmitting section
Crystal controlled PLL synthesizer
Carrier Frequencies: Americas
(depending on model)
14UC: 470.125 MHz to 541.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 14 to 25)
30A UC: 566.125MHz to 607.875MHz (UHF-TV channels 30-36) 25kHz steps
42LA: 638.125 MHz to 697.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 42-51), 25 kHz steps (not available in US or Canada)
Carrier Frequencies: Europe, Middle
East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand
(depending on model)
CE21: UHF-TV channels 21-29 470 MHz to 542 MHz
CE33: UHF-TV channels 33-40 566 MHz to 630 MHz
CE42: UHF-TV channels 42-50 638 MHz to 710 MHz
Channel step
25 kHz
RF power output
1 mW/10 mW/50 mW (e.r.p.) selectable
Occupied RF bandwidth
192 kHz or less
Audio delay
Approx. MODE1: 1.5 msec (total: 3.4msec) /MODE2: 1.0 msec (total: 1.5msec)/MODE3: 2.1 msec (total 4.0msec)
Audio section
Maximum input level
MIC -22 dBu (with 0 dB attenuator)
LINE +24 dBu
Audio attenuator adjustment range (pad)
0 to 48 dB (3-dB steps, MIC input mode only)
Input connector
XLR-3-11C (female) (x1)
Input impedance
4.7 k/ohms or more
Operating voltage
DC 3.0 V, (two LR6 AA-size alkaline batteries)
Battery life
Approx. 5 hours (at 25 °C (77 °F), 10-mW output using Sony LR6 (AA)-size alkaline batteries with
CODEC MODE set to MODE1, the wireless remote control function off, DIMMER MODE set to AUTO
OFF, and +48 V set to OFF)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx. 44 x 78 x 44 mm (1 3/4 x 3 1/8 x 3/4 inches) excluding projection
Approx. 245 g (9 oz) including batteries
Supplied Accessories
Soft case (1)
Spare battery case (1)
USB adapter cable (1)
CD-ROM (1)
Before Using this Unit (3)
0dBμV= 1μV EMF, 0dBu=0.775Vrms, 0dBV=1V, 0dB SPL=2x10-5 Pa
The values for dimensions are approximate.
This product is available in a variety of different frequency range models to suit the regulatory requirements of individual countries. Please contact your Sony reseller for more information on which product will best suit your specific needs.