Post Production and Workflow

Freedom to achieve the perfect look, with the finest colours. Close collaboration from set to screen. All with a fast, fluid workflow that supports the cinematic arts.

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Artistic work and creative collaboration

Enhance each frame in a workflow built for artistic excellence. Work with colours you can rely on, perfectly matched from camera sensor to master monitor. Make life easier and more efficient, with a choice of formats. Use every shade, stop of latitude and pixel of detail to achieve your vision. And collaborate, easily, in the cloud.

See how Netflix fantasy drama Cursed used our new X-OCN recording format, and the HDR workflow of our VENICE cinema camera, to bring its story to life.

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An advanced workflow, approved by the biggest names

Limitless grading possibilities in an established, industry-leading workflow. Our VENICE cinema camera gives you incredible dynamic range and 16-bit footage to work with, as well as support for the full ACEScct colour space. No matter the aspect ratio, you’ll have true 4K with low noise and wide contrast. That’s why IMAX and Netflix have all certified VENICE’s image quality and recording formats.

X-OCN: The format that balances quality and efficiency

Our X-OCN format supports the artistry of cinema and the practicality of real-world workflows. You get the maximum quality from your footage, thanks to 16-bit linear encoding. But you don’t have to compromise your workflow, as file sizes are up to 60% smaller than RAW and bitrates are lower. Plus, there’s native support for X-OCN in all the major NLEs and grading solutions.

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Learn about ART files for VENICE

Download our free guide to read about our support for ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) files within VENICE v6 firmware. Learn how you can use this new LUT system to achieve the ultimate look for your projects.
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True colour reproduction and flexible grading

Because VENICE exceeds the Rec. 2020 colour space and supports ACEScct, you have more colours to work with: Thanks to 16-bit capture, there are over 65,000 tonal gradations to choose from. And, when combined with S-Log3 encoding, you can reproduce the exact colours that appeared in front of the camera lens. Or you can alter and shape the mood of your project with an ultra-wide palette.

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Precise colour matching across every monitor

Our 4K HDR monitors support a wide range of colour gamuts, from DCI-P3 to S-Gamut3.cine and ITU-R BT.2020. And they’re designed to work in harmony, so you know colours match across all monitors, from on-set premium quality displays all the way through editing, VFX, colour grading, mastering and quality control suites. Our PVM-X monitors can even use creative 3D User LUTs to show you how final grades could look and help with pre-grading work. PVM-X also allows to enhance your HDR/SDR workflow by integrating an optional license that provides an HDR to SDR conversion for side-by-side HDR/SDR comparison.

Monitors for every 4K HDR application

Diagram showing monitors appropriate for each stage of 4K HDR production workflow

Better collaboration and more creativity with Ci

Use the cloud to collaborate and create. Our Ci media platform can act as the cloud-based hub for your work, with the tools for fast file transfers, transcoding, media management and archiving. Collaboration is easier too, with apps that let you review and comment on projects as a team—even if you’re in different locations. You can even watch the latest version of your work together, live, through synchronised playback.

Fast, secure storage with Optical Disc Archive

Back-up your work, quickly and securely, with storage that’s built to last. Our Optical Disc Archive technology gives you durable storage media in a system built for quick access. Easy-to-use software makes retrieving what you need simple. And you can add as many cartridges as need: ODA technology scales as much as you need, without slowing down access.

TV Studio with Optical Disc Archive product range

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