Sony enhances remote learning at Prefectural University of Hiroshima

July 9, 2021
How we helped
The Challenge
  • University needed high quality remote learning solution to link lecturers and students at three campuses
  • Required additional teaching and learning features, not possible with conventional videoconferencing solutions
The Solution
  • REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance
  • BRC-X1000 and BRC-X400 4K PTZ remote cameras
  • SRG-120DU Full HD PTZ remote camera
  • VPL-FHZ90L 3LCD laser projector
The Outcome
  • Lectures can be shared in real time with students at another campus
  • Lecturer’s handwritten notes and diagrams are clearly visible to every student
  • Students benefit from a more immersive and engaging learning experience
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Product image showing Sony REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance.
REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance
Product image showing Sony PTZ camera.
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Product image showing Sony VPL-FHZ90L projector.

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The introduction of this system enabled distance learning with greater satisfaction, fostering a sense of unity between campuses as well as teachers and students. We are planning to utilise this system in the future as a part of active learning tools that our university is promoting, and provide a learning space where students can learn initiatively and actively.

Kyousou Kurisu
Director of public university corporation, Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Extending learning across three campuses

The Prefectural University of Hiroshima was established in its current form in 2005, after the integration of three universities in the Hiroshima Prefecture.

The university has introduced an innovative and engaging remote learning solution that allows lectures to be viewed by students at three separate campuses linked by a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

At the heart of the solution is Sony’s REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance. This award-winning device uses AI technology to process and enhance video content in real time, providing additional features for immersive teaching and learning that aren’t possible with conventional videoconferencing systems. Operation of the system is beautifully simple, with lecturers selecting different functions via an intuitive touchpanel without the need for complex adjustment of camera settings.

Image showing inside of classroom that has installed the solution.
Image showing how Edge Analytics Appliance appears on a screen.

Giving every student a clearer view

‘Handwriting Extraction’ analyses video footage captured with the ceiling-mounted BRC-X1000 4K PTZ remote camera, recognising the lecturer’s written notes and diagrams as they write on the board in front of the students. This extracted writing appears to ‘float’ on screen, giving a clear view even for students at the back of the room or on another campus. As well as enhancing the clarity of natural writing, it also gives students a clear view of what’s on the board, unobscured by the lecturer’s back as they write. 

Footage captured by the BRC-X1000 also allows ‘Focus Area Cropping’, with a single camera providing two simultaneous views as separate video feeds: a detail-packed close-up of the lecturer’s expressions and gestures, together with a separate picture of the entire room.

A BRC-X400 4K PTZ camera in the lecture theatre supports ‘Close-up by Gesture’, automatically zooming in under control of the REA-C1000 to capture a student when they stand up to contribute or ask a question. In addition a compact ceiling-mounted SRG-120DU camera at each campus captures crisp Full HD images for web conferences or smaller seminars.

Sony's Distance Learning Solution

A graphical representation of the structure of the solution.