Professional Live Streaming

Get your message out to the world in real time. Connect with fans, followers and customers. Work with live streaming tools that fit your needs and budget.

Camera operator live streaming with PXW-Z90 camcorder

Delight, inform and engage. Live.

Use the power of live streaming to engage with new audiences. Broadcast events straight to your website, YouTube or Facebook—directly from your camcorder. Build your business with capabilities that help your customers to share their news globally.

Watch our video to see how you could use Simple Live Streaming to reach and engage with more fans, followers and customers—live and without a cumbersome new set-up.

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Find new levels of engagement with live streams

Professional live streaming, without investing in new equipment. With just a camcorder and an internet connection, you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world. Set up fast and start interacting with fans, followers and customers in seconds. Make announcements more engaging and build closer relationships with your audience.

Simple Live Streaming with high quality footage

Turn our handheld camcorders into streaming cameras. Our lightweight camcorders were built to offer you high quality HD and 4K HDR video, while our Simple Live Streaming was created to let you share that video live. Use familiar, intuitive tools that were built for easy use. Enjoy stunning image quality with incredible details and rich colours. And stream directly to the online platform of your choice.

Grow your business with new live capabilities

Add live streaming to your list of services, wherever you’re filming. Whether you’re a corporate filmmaker, a wedding videographer or a sports camera operator, our camcorders and connectivity make it simple for you to expand your offering. Share live images from the ceremony with family and friends who couldn’t attend. Broadcast conferences and lectures online, before editing the final recording. And give fans the ability to follow and engage with their favourite team, from anywhere.

Professional streaming from anywhere, with C3 Portal

Connect your camera directly to the cloud, wherever you are. Our new C3 Portal uses 4G, 5G and WiFi to stream footage straight from your camcorder, no matter where you’re shooting. And you can make your production more efficient with fast file transfers. Automatically upload files to the cloud, even while you’re still shooting, so you can get media into your NLE sooner—and deliver work faster.

Wedding ceremony

C3 Portal free trial

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Impressive live productions, whether you work alone or with a team

Deliver sophisticated live productions, even when you’re working solo. Our cloud production switcher lets you control and co-ordinate a multi-camera live stream in the cloud. When combined with PTZ cameras and audio, you’ll be able to manage engaging live streams, from anywhere, even without a crew. Switch cameras, add captions, control comments and produce better live streams.

Efficient live streams via cloud production

Run smooth live streams from your laptop or smartphone. Our cloud production switcher is browser based, so you just log in and start working. Keep costs low on each project by shooting with your existing cameras and only pay for the time you spend actually using the switcher. When it’s combined with our PTZ cameras, you can deliver live productions with multiple camera angles and 4K image quality at virtually any scale.

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