FS5 HFR promotion

CBKZ-FS5HFR downloadable at no extra charge.

For a limited time, we’re making the bestselling PXW-FS5 & PXW-FS5K camcorder available with the CBKZ-FS5HFR license for no extra charge.

Terms and conditions apply.

How to Redeem

  • Buy an FS5/K before the 31st May 2018
  • Register with PrimeSupport
  • You will receive your purchase key via email within 14 days of PrimeSupport Registration
  • Use purchase key to download CBKZ-FS5HFR license from eCsite
    (View eCsite Step-by-Step Guide)


Superb image quality: A high-sensitivity 4K Super35 Sensor offers all the benefits of a large format sensor.

Grab and shoot mobility: Robust and modular, FS5 is easily reconfigured for drone and gimbal operation.

Easy upgrade path: α-mount offers unsurpassed compatibility with third-party lenses, including DSLR.

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High Frame Rate (HFR)

FS5 offers High Frame Rate (HFR) cache recording at Full HD 10bit 4:2:2 image quality and a frame rate of up to 240 fps. An 8-second cache recording means no more mistimed shots leading to extra takes. It also lets you pick out footage at exactly the point that you want.

The CBKZ-FS5HFR license enables FS5 to deliver stunning continuous 120fps High Frame Rate (HFR) recording in 1080p with 4.0 or higher firmware.

HFR Formats available with CBKZ-FS5HFR upgrade

XAVC HD 1080/60p 50Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 59.94p

XAVC HD 1080/30p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 29.97p

XAVC HD 1080/24p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 23.98p

XAVC HD 1080/50p 50Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 50p

XAVC HD 1080/25p 25Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 25p


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