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Streamline every workplace with our office management solutions that offer simplified, centralised control of all your connected devices and building automation systems.

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Streamline workplace efficiency

TEOS Manage is our complete workplace management platform that gives full control over devices, signage and content across the workplace. It offers a sleek interface that simplifies scheduling of devices and content playout, workplace data analytics, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Compatible with most third-party room control and automation brands, it also allows devices to be configured remotely. Seamless integration with Outlook streamlines meeting room management and screen mirroring to BRAVIA Professional Displays.

Centralised control of all your devices

TEOS simplifies control over all your displays and other connected AV devices via an intuitive interface that allows convenient management and grouping of devices by location, whether it’s a department, floor, or site. Device on/off times can be scheduled to reduce energy consumption outside office hours. Settings for each device can be adjusted remotely to save time in large office environments. TEOS can even alert you when there’s a hardware issue that needs fixing.

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Scalable and cost effective

Hosted on premises or in the cloud, TEOS offers a highly cost-effective solution for managing connected AV devices and other resources in the workplaces. It’s also freely scalable, adapting to the growing needs of your business to add more connected devices and services, like digital signage and centralised room bookings. Scheduling on/off times for all your connected devices helps optimize energy usage. TEOS also allows you to schedule playout of signage content on individual displays or groups of screens, maximizing the impact of your messages while ensuring greater sustainability.

Automation and building control

As well as managing connected AV devices, TEOS simplifies the orchestration and management of office automation and building control systems. Issues with connected devices and systems can be quickly identified, helping support preventative maintenance schedules and triggering emergency alarms to ensure a swift response to critical situations. TEOS also collects and analyses data from connected devices and spaces, providing valuable insights through a convenient dashboard view to support smarter decisions, and maximize efficient utilisation of office building resources.

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Display Provisioning with BRAVIA Supervisor

Streamlining the setup and management of your professional displays is key to saving valuable time and resources. BRAVIA Supervisor transforms the deployment and configuration of BRAVIA professional displays across the workplace, providing a seamless experience. Users can preconfigure their BRAVIA Professional Displays and once installed and connected to the network, the displays automatically adopt the desired settings. This innovative solution allows for centralized monitoring and management of each display through a user-friendly dashboard, enhancing overall operational efficiency*.

*BRAVIA Supervisor available only with /TM versions of BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

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Complete workplace management platform, giving comprehensive control and orchestration of connected AV devices, signage and content as well as building automation systems.

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