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Bringing the power, emotion and excitement of sport to audiences both inside the stadium and worldwide is a constantly evolving challenge for broadcasters and stadiums alike. With rapid advances in imaging technology, displays, officiating technology and digital media, fans demand to get closer to the action than ever before.

Backed by decades of development, our powerful and reliable solutions for broadcasters, stadiums and sports federations worldwide not only make sport more exciting, but fairer too.

Sports stadiums

Large-screen displays have come to play an essential role in generating excitement throughout sports stadiums around the world. From presenting powerful scenes in real time, to relaying images to stadium monitors and supplying subscription content to TV and other media enterprises, our Live Production systems deliver solutions for every sports stadium.

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Live Production

Bring the power, emotion and excitement of sport to the fans with Live Production systems that offer smooth and brilliant images in both 4K and HD resolutions and extremely stable broadcast feeds. Backed by years of development, we offer powerful and reliable solutions to broadcasters worldwide.

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Hawk-Eye, a Sony group company, provides the most advanced, innovative and trusted officiating solutions in sport. Hawk-Eye’s ball tracking and SMART technologies are currently used in more than 20 major sports to not only improve the integrity of the game, but make it more engaging too.

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Fan engagement

Pulselive from Sony works with sports federations, media companies and sponsors to deliver innovative, intelligent and reliable digital, social and content solutions that make sport more interactive, engaging and accessible for their audiences. From insight, technology, UX and design, social media and content, we create multi-platform solutions that deliver true value and results for our clients.

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