Sony UWP-D Series: High Quality Sound with Digital Audio Processing

UWP-D Series receivers and Sony microphones

Beautiful pictures deserve sound to match

As high-resolution content becomes the norm, video producers need to match beautiful pictures with sparkling sound to create an immersive experience for audiences.

Our new UWP-D Series lets content creators capture pristine audio – quickly, reliably and with less fuss.

The compelling solution for ENG/EFP, sport events, documentaries, and weddings, UWP-D offers superb sound quality, reliable RF transmission with true diversity reception and friendly features.

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Sound that stands out

Advanced digital audio processing assures sparkling sound with improved transient response. A new digital audio interface skips A/D and D/A conversion stages, for ultra-low noise direct digital recordings.

* Requires SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor and compatible Sony XDCAM camcorders.

Audio to suit your needs

UWP-D Series microphone

Effortless set-up

Focus on your subject, not on fiddly set-up. Our unique NFC SYNC function allows fast, easy channel
setting at a touch.
Lens digital camera

Light and compact

Light, compact and low profile, the new UWP-D Series is an ideal audio partner for smaller
camcorders and interchangeable lens digital cameras.
Sony camcorder

Crisp, precise transients

Powerful digital audio processing technology realises high-quality sound with significantly improved
transient response. While analogue companding systems struggle to reproduce rapid transient sounds
like a bell or golf tee shot, UWP-D reproduces them effortlessly.
SMAD-P5 adaptor

Dynamic digital sound

The URX-P40 features a digital audio interface that bypasses A/D and D/A conversion stages, enabling direct digital recording with the SMAD-P5 Multi-Interface shoe adaptor and compatible Sony XDCAM camcorders.

Discover our complete audio packages

Bodypack transmitter package and URX-P40 receiver


Bodypack transmitter package includes UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter and URX-P40 receiver.

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UTX-M40 mic and URX-P40 receiver


Handheld microphone packages includes UTX-M40 mic and URX-P40 receiver.

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UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter, UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter and URX-P40 receiver.


Bodypack transmitter and plug-on package includes UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter, UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter and URX-P40 receiver.

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Fast, fuss-free channel setting

Quick, reliable RF channel setting is a must for videographers working solo. Unique to Sony, NFC SYNC takes the hassle out of frequency setting. Touch the NFC SYNC button for a few seconds and the receiver automatically scans the appropriate frequency. Touching the receiver to the transmitter effortlessly transfers the channel.

*NFC SYNC supported by UTX-B40, UTX-P40, UTX-M40 and URX-P40.

Man holding camcorder outside with audio equipment attached on top of the camcorder
Man holding camcorder with audio equipment on the camcorder

Light and compact

The reduced size and weight of UWP-D series makes all the difference in applications where mobility matters. The UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter and UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter are around 20% smaller than their predecessors. The length of the URX-P40 receiver with the SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor has been drastically shortened for an easy fit with compact camcorders and interchangeable lens cameras.


True diversity reception

UWP-D features a true diversity system, using two antennas for highly stable reception. RF signals from both antennas are compared, and the stronger signal automatically selected.

Auto gain mode volume control

Ideal when you don’t know the level of the speaker’s voice, auto gain mode boosts volume while using a limiter to reduce the risk of distortion.

* UTX-B40, UTX-P40, UTX-M40

Volume boost for off-mic audio

Ideal for interviews, volume boost adds +15 dB gain, increasing sound levels when your subject is further away from the microphone.

*UTX-B40, UTX-P40, UTX-M40

Fast frequency switching

Channel memory function allows instant switching between previous and current channels – useful when you’re using one tuner with two transmitters.

* URX-P40

Variable muting

Pressing the mute button instantly supresses audio output from the tuner. This function sets whether the audio is muted for various operations of the MUTE button.
*UTX-B40, UTX-P40, UTX-M40

Compatible with UWP/WL-800

The UWP-D Series transmitter can be used with Sony’s UWP or WL-800 Series receivers. A UWP Series or WL-800 Series transmitter also can be used with a UWP-D receiver.

High visibility OLED display

The bright, responsive OLED (organic light emitting diode) display gives a clear view of real-time operating conditions.

*UTX-B40, UTX-P40, UTX-M40, URX-P40

USB power supply

Use UWP-D Series with a USB power bank for long-term operation or as an emergency power supply.
*UTX-B40, UTX-P40, URX-P40


48V power supply

Use the UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter with dynamic and condenser microphones requiring a DC 48V power supply.

Multi Interface for direct connection

UWP-D Series receivers attach to compatible* camcorders and interchangeable lens cameras via the SMAD-P5 MI (Multi Interface) shoe adaptor. Audio signals are sent directly from the receiver to the camera with need for connecting wires. The receiver draws power directly from the camera that also controls receiver ON/OFF for simplified power management.

Using the SMAD-P5 supports the digital audio interface of the URX-P40, delivering high sound quality with low noise by direct digital audio recording. It also achieves advanced integration with the camcorders, showing audio information in the viewfinder for enhanced usability in the field.

*Please note the SMAD-P5 can only be used with URX-P40. SMAD-P3 can only be used with URX-P03 and SMAD-P3D can only be used with URX-P03D