HDCU-4300 (HDCU4300)

Compact, combined Camera Control Unit and 4K / HD baseband processor unit for HDC-4300 camera


Space-saving 2U full-rack sized CCU/BPU offers flexible 4K or HD IP interface for OBs
HDCU-4300 is a space-saving, compact 2U full-rack sized camera control unit (CCU) and 4K / HD for IP baseband processor unit (BPU) with built-in IP and SDI interfaces designed to give flexibility to Outside Broadcast (OB) operations. The unit enables either 4K or HD IP operations through a single Networked Media Interface (NMI)*, alongside SDI outputs. The unit is also HDR (High Dynamic Range) ready** and can handle High Frame Rate (HFR) HD up to 8x slow motion***. The HDCU-4300 combined with the HDC-4300 camera offers OB operators a uniquely flexible, space-saving BPU/CCU for advanced 4K/HD IP operation.

* Single NMI is 4K or HD selectable.
** HDR: single output supports ITU BT.2020/S-Log3.
*** HFR requires optional software SZC-4002.
Space-saving compact design gives OB operators more flexibility
The 2U full-rack sized combined CCU/BPU is designed to save space and weight in OB trucks, while offering flexibility of outputs for SDI and IP operations in 4K and HD.
4K or HD IP operations supported
The combined BPU/CCU HDCU-4300 works with the HDC-4300 4K/HD camera, enabling 4K or HD IP operations through the single NMI.
LIVE-HDR ready
The unit is HDR ready, with ITU BT.2020/S-Log3 supported.
Up to 8x slow motion Full HD interlace pictures
The unit can handle a variety of HFR HD, including at 480i/400i (8x slow motion) and 360i/300i (6x slow motion) interlace mode only. It also supports HD 4x, 3x and 2x slow motion in both progressive and interlace modes.


Combined Camera Control Unit (CCU) and baseband processor unit (BPU) with single IP interface
The HDCU-4300 is equipped with one IP interface, which enables the IP live production for 4K/HD working with the HDC-4300 4K/HD camera. It can handle broadcast quality HD and 4K video, audio, synchronisation signals and control data across the IP network, which increases operational efficiency. While the IP signals are output, the SDI signals can be output from the HDCU-4300 simultaneously in order to integrate the HDCU-4300 seamlessly with your existing SDI infrastructure.
Multi-format functionality
The HDCU-4300 has multi-format support for 4K and HD. In 4K, it supports QFHD (3840x2160) and 4K Cinema (4096x2160) 60p/50p, 30p/25p and 24p. In HD, it supports Full HD (1980x1080) 480i/400i, 360i/300 240p/200p, 240i/200i, 180p/150p, 180i/150i, 120p/100p, 120i/100i, 60p/50p, 60i/50i, 30PsF/25PsF, 24PsF.
High Frame Rate signal processing to a maximum Full HD 480i/400i (optional software: SZC-4002)
The HDCU-4300 supports Full HD High Frame Rate (HFR) capture at 480i/400i 8x slow motion and 360i/300i 6x slow motion, in interlace mode only. The unit also supports Full HD HFR 4x, 3x and 2x slow motion in both progressive and interlace modes.
HD cut out functionality (Optional software: SZC-2001*)
It is possible to cut out a Full HD image from the 4K picture in real-time, allowing, for example, for the camera to be in a fixed camera position and operator free giving a wide view of the action, an area of which can be selected by the director.

* The option is limited to HD cut-out. 4K signals do not output from the HDCU-4300.

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