Recording option for HDCU-5500 and HDCU-3500 CCU
Image of the following product: HKCU-REC55


The HKCU-REC55 adds an optional internal recording function to HDCU-5500 and HDCU-3500 camera control units, increasing the complete camera system’s versatility and efficiency in live production applications.

Adding the HKCU-REC55 allows the CCU to record a live camera feed directly. With no need for an additional recorder or cabling between the CCU and recorder, production is simplified with improved space utilisation inside an OB vehicle. During recording, files can be transferred in real time from the CCU to a portable SSD or networked storage. Recorded files are available immediately after shooting, saving time with no need to wait for file transfers.

The CCU with HKCU-REC55 can record 4K and HD signals simultaneously, making the system ideal for 4K HDR and HD SDR simultaneous live production (SR Live) with the HDC-5500/3500 HDR-capable 4K cameras.

Record start/stop and networked file transfers can be controlled using PWA-RCT1* integrated network control software for the HKCU-REC55 and PWS-4500 live production server.

* Requires additional license PWAL-RCT50.


Direct file transfer to SSD or NAS

The HKCU-REC55 adds USB 3.0 and 10Gb fibre interfaces to the CCU, allowing direct transfer of files to a portable SSD (Solid State Drive) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Real-time file transfer during recording saves time, with no need to wait for file transfers after shooting.

Space-saving recording capability inside half rack size CCU

The optional recording board is accommodated inside the compact CCU, enhancing simple system configuration, reliable operation and space efficiency in the OB vehicle with no need for an external recorder or connecting cables.

Multi-format codec support

The HKCU-REC55 support multiple recording formats in 4K and HD codecs:

4K codec*: XAVC-I QFHD 480, XAVC-I QFHD 300, XAVC-L422 QFHD 200
HD codec: XAVC-I HD 100, MPEG HD 422, DNxHD
DNxHD codec requires additional codec license.

* Requires HZCU-UHDR50 4K recording license.

External audio recording

External audio can input with the SDI embedded and the analog audio.