LKRA-009 (LKRA009)Discontinued

8TB HDD upgrade kit for SRX-R515P 4K projector


Increase internal storage capacity of SRX-R515P digital cinema projector
The LKRA-009 is an optional hard disk drive (HDD) kit that increases internal storage capacity of the XCT-S10 server/storage unit of the SRX-R515P 4K digital cinema projection system.

Installing the LKRA-009 doubles gross storage capacity of the XCT-S10 from its standard 4TB to 8TB, stored using a modified RAID 6 configuration. Usable storage capacity of the SRX-R515P with the LKRA-009 upgrade is approximately 7.5TB.

The increased server capacity is beneficial to small independent cinemas without a TMS and central library storage. It allows different programmes to run in the same auditorium on the same day, as well as longer-term storage of DCPs for reshowing at a later date. Specialist cinemas that combine their commercial exhibition activities with special screenings such as private previews or hosting film festivals will find additional storage particularly useful.

More capacity also lets larger cinema chains store the same movie on more than one local server, giving the flexibility to switch screenings quickly between different auditoriums depending on ticket sales.

Once upgraded with the LRKA-009, the maximum number of KDMs and DCPs that can be accommodated by the XCT-S10 remain at the same limit as original specifications.

This HDD upgrade should be performed by a suitably qualified engineer. Ensure that the SRX-R515P projection system is upgraded to a minimum of V1.30.2 (due for release early October 2014).

Please note that the LKRA-009K Install Key must be ordered together with the main LKRA-009 HDD upgrade kit.


8TB modified RAID 6
Gross capacity
Net capacity
Maximum number of DCPs in storage
Maximum KDMs in storage
Ingest speed through USB 3.0
Approx. 40 min for a 2 hour, 160GB movie*1 *2
Ingest speed through CRU Data port
Approx. 40 min for a 2 hour, 160GB movie*1 *2
Ingest speed through Gigabit ethernet
Approx. 40 min for a 2 hour, 160GB movie*1 *2
Time to switch CPL of same frame rate
Approx. 0.5 sec*1 *2
Time to switch CPL of different frame rate
Approx. 1-2 sec*1 *2
Same limit as original XCT-S10 specification
Based on measurements by Sony. May vary depending on conditions