SDI-IP Converter Board with eight 1.5/3G-SDI ports, supporting SMPTE ST 2110 in HD/4K and HDR
Image of the following product: NXLK-IP50Y


The NXLK-IP50Y SDI-IP Converter Board offers eight 1.5/3G-SDI bi-directional ports plus dual SFP28 (25Gb Ethernet) ports including network connection redundancy. Compatible with ST 2110-20/30/40 streaming formats and offering very low latency signal conversion, it’s ideal for integration in real-time IP Live production environments. JPEG XS (ST2110-22) Encoding and Decoding of IP stream are newly supported by optional license for up to HD x4 or UHD x2 channels per board. This will ensure cost effective and reliable IP Live system for remote production even within limited network bandwidth.

*1 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program in March 2020 and test results, please go to https://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.


Versatile SDI-IP conversion of 4K/HD signals

The NXLK-IP50Y supports both 4K and HD video signals. Equipped with 8x 1.5/3G-SDI I/O ports, it can convert signals from SDI to IP and from IP to SDI. As standard it supports SDI-IP conversion with frame synchronisation.

Long distance, low latency transmission by SFP28 interface

The NXLK-IP50Y can transmit signals over distances up to 100m via multi-mode fibre cable, using the optional SFP28 transceiver module, OTM-25GSR.

Up/down conversion and SDR/HDR conversion

With the optional license NXLL-MC50, HD to 4K up-conversion, 4K to HD down-conversion, interlaced HD to progressive HD conversion, SDR to HDR conversion, HDR to SDR conversion and color correction are available. 3D LUT function is newly supported. 3D LUT file can be imported for HDR production instead of SDR/HDR conversion process.

Supports SNMP for reduced equipment downtime

With the optional license NXLL-SN50, the NXLK-IP50Y supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for remote monitoring and effective scheduling of maintenance for minimum disruption to production operations.

HDR conversion and color correction adjustments from Live Element Orchestrator (LEO)

The Live Element Orchestrator is capable of centralized management for IP live production. HDR/SDR conversion and color correction can be controlled by rotary knobs on the MKS-E1620 remote control panel for convenient adjustment, and the conversion parameters can be monitored on LEO’s GUI.

Audio delay and channel mapping

With the optional license NXLL-AM50, SMPTE ST 2110-30 audio stream can be embedded in ST2110-20 video stream with an additional feature of delay adjustment from 0 to 250ms, then output as SDI signal with embedded audio. The NXLK-IP50Y can also select any 16ch audio and re-assign the audio channel onto video signal for the embedded SDI output.

NMOS IS-04/05 support

Discovery & registration as well as connection management functions can be realized by NMOS IS-04/05 support to setup the converter from NMOS-capable 3rd party controller.

NXLK-IP50Y options :

• NXLL-MC50 Multi Format Converter Software
• NXLL-SN50 SNMP Agent Software
• NXLL-AM50 Audio Delay & Channel Mapping Software
• NXLL-JE50 JPEG XS Encoder Software
• NXLL-JD50 JPEG XS Decoder Software

JPEG XS Encoding and Decoding

With optional license NXLL-JE50 and NXLL-JD50, the NXLK-IP50Y operated to include JPEG XS Encoder or Decoder function for up to HD x4 or UHD x2 channels. Up/Down conversion and SDR/HDR conversion can be simultaneously run during decoding process.