Print Paper For UP-D55 / UP-55MD
Image of the following product: UPC-55


The UPC-55 Color Print Media is designed for use with the UP-55MD and UP-D55. Each pack of media is packaged with 2 individual packs of 100 sheets each and 2 ribbons. Pricing is per pack. There are 5 packs to a case. The minimum order is 5 packs or one case.


High speed printing:

In approx. 20 seconds with the printer, an image of 169mm x 129mm (6 3/4 x 5 1/8inch) can printed on the 178mm x 152mm(7 1/8 x 6 inch) paper, thanks to the UPC-55 high sensitivity.

Package for 200 prints

200 sheets of print paper (100 sheets x 2 packages), 2 rolls of ink ribbon. The same number of print paper packs and ink ribbons are enclosed as one package. Customers simply change an ink ribbon at the same time when refilling a new print paper pack. The exchange work becomes simple and easy.