27-inch LCD medical monitors

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Discover our LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD 27-inch monitors

Our slim, space-saving LCD medical monitors display finely tuned Full HD resolution video and still images from surgical endoscopes, laparoscopic cameras and other hospital modalities. Easy to use and compliant with latest medical standards, they’re ideal for integration with boom arms or medical carts in today’s operating rooms.

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Our highest performing Full HD medical monitors

These performance-focused medical monitors feature Sony’s advanced OptiContrast™ Panel technology for brilliant, high-contrast images with minimal reflection. A.I.M.E.™ image enhancement emphasises subtle colour differences and outline structures.

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27 inch (69 cm) Full HD LCD monitor with OptiContrast™ Panel. Analogue and digital interfaces simplify connection with a wide range of HD and SD imaging sources.

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27 inch (69 cm) Full HD LCD monitor with OptiContrast™ Panel and digital inputs.

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OptiContrast™ panel

Our advanced panel technology minimises glare and reflections by replacing the layer of air between the panel and the glass with a layer of resin specifically formulated to match the refractive properties of the glass. You’ll see the difference with superior image contrast and brightness, even under harsh direct lighting in the OR. It also helps to prevent condensation within the panel which can be caused by sudden change in temperature.

With OptiContrast™                  Without OptiContrast™

A.I.M.E.™ image enhancement

Sony’s unique Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.™) technology accentuates subtle colour differences, and highlights the outline structure of images captured from endoscopes and operating microscopes.

A.I.M.E. off

A.I.M.E. on

Easy to use, easy to clean

User-friendly control panel

Each monitor’s guided user interface assists positive, error-free fingertip operation. Intuitive backlit controls reduce the risk of making inadvertent commands, even in dark environments.

Easy to clean

Generous image size of the tough, wipe-clean panel is accentuated by the display’s thin bezel area. The front of the anti-reflective panel is rated to IPX5 standards for splash resistance.

Extensive picture mode options

See things exactly the way you want, with a choice of display formats including Image Rotation, Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-out-Picture (POP). There’s also a handy image flip function for convenient viewing by other OR staff during surgery.


Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Picture-out-Picture (POP)

Picture-out-Picture (POP2)


Endoscopic surgery

Surgeons and OR staff can view highly detailed images from flexible endoscopic camera systems or rigid endoscopes during arthroscopic or laparoscopic surgery. High quality image reproduction is assisted by the monitor’s high contrast, fast response time and wide colour range.

Surgical microscopy and ophthalmology

Accurate viewing of magnified images from a surgical microscope demands a high resolution monitor that enables precise interpretation of fine details. The monitor allows secondary viewing by other OR staff while the surgeon operates using the surgical microscope.


The monitor can display video images captured during surgical procedures involving the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. The monitor’s high resolution supports detailed viewing of highly magnified images that are often required during neurosurgery.

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