Imprimantes et consommables d'impression

Sony medical printers allow surgeons, OR staff and consultants to create a finely-detailed, long lasting record of images captured with a wide range of medical modalities, including ultrasound systems and endoscopic camera systems. Advanced Sony printing technology produces rapid delivery of high quality prints in black and white or colour. Compact, space-saving printers by Sony can be integrated seamlessly into medical carts, endoscopic trolleys or C-arm systems.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only. Registration status as a medical device may vary, depending on country.

Pourquoi choisir les imprimantes Sony ?

Sony a ouvert la voie de l’impression médicale depuis 1986. Aujourd’hui, nous nous engageons plus que jamais à soutenir les professionnels de santé et les patients.

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Découvrez notre gamme complète d'imprimantes médicales

Découvrez nos imprimantes médicales fiables, notamment des modèles dédiés à des usages d’échographie, de radiologie interventionnelle et d’imagerie chirurgicale.

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