Sony offre prodotti di videosorveglianza per applicazioni di sorveglianza, fra cui: telecamere di rete, registratori di rete, TVCC, monitor, accessori, encoder e software di sicurezza. Le nostre soluzioni di videosorveglianza ibride ti offrono un'integrazione perfetta e scalabile tra nuove e vecchie tecnologie all'interno dell'intera gamma di prodotti Sony e di soluzioni di altri produttori.

See everything, miss nothing

Sony 4K delivers maximum returns on your investment in Video Security and surveillance – in cities, public spaces, airports, roads and railways. Class-leading picture quality is teamed with powerful analytics and smart setup, allowing an exciting new range of video monitoring applications. You’ll clearly see the difference that Sony 4K delivers in any environment, with dramatically increased efficiency and lower operational costs compared with conventional Video Security solutions.

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Sony's 4K video monitoring helps document the loading process for steel in unprecedented detail

The Austrian construction steel specialist SAKO has been using three SNC-VM772R 4K network security cameras from Sony Professional since 2015.

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Designed for darkness: Our ultra-sensitive camera sees more

Our ultra-sensitive SNC-VB770 4K camera captures crisply detailed Ultra HD video footage where other cameras struggle. The secret’s in its super-sized Exmor™ CMOS image sensor plus sophisticated light capturing technology – turning near-darkness into video and still images with unrivalled clarity.

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Video Security case studies

From schools and shops to city streets: learn how Video Security and CCTV surveillance solutions by Sony are protecting people, property and places.

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