Digital Imaging solutions for Commercial Drones

Unlock the full potential of your drone operations with Sony cameras and SDK

Drone sending signals to a farming vehicle.

Benefits of Sony's Digital Imaging solutions for commercial drones

Precise mapping and surveying

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Long battery life

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Ultimate compactness

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High-speed stacked image sensor

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Develop bespoke applications for drone operations

Create custom applications for remote controlling and configuring multiple cameras, streamlining your workflow and capturing high-quality images with ease. Securely transfer and store your image data with the SDK, allowing for rapid deployment of your drone.

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Mapping, inspection, security, and surveillance

Efficiently collect visual data for various industries such as surveying, mining, construction, and agriculture by integrating your Sony camera as a drone payload. Obtain detailed structural information and identify repair needs in inaccessible areas. Quickly deploy mobile surveillance drones to any location and ensure the safety of your staff while assessing security breaches.

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Sony SDK availability for commercial drone operations

The SDK, available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS, includes a software library to control the camera, API specification, and demonstration code with examples showing all camera control functions. Programmers can reuse the code in their own applications and the SDK can be downloaded for free and is compatible with C++. A C# version is available upon request.

Drone sending signals to a farming vehicle.

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