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Enrich student experience with our innovative educational technologies

Teenage girl wearing a blue facemask in a classroom. In the background you can see another student and a teacher, both wearing masks. They are sat far apart, conforming with social distancing.

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From high-brightness projectors for promoting lesson content to microphones with inbuilt speech reinforcement, we have an array of audio-visual (AV) solutions for higher education. Our technology ensures content is clearly seen, heard and understood to facilitate an immersive, inclusive learning experience for students.

Showcase lecture content with high-contrast, high-quality projectors

At Sony, we’ve built a range of reliable, easy-to-use projectors tailored to the learning environment. Our cutting-edge technology produces consistently clear, color-rich images that fill even large lecture theaters to ensure no detail is missed, while intelligent settings optimize performance and simplify operation.

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A man is presenting to an audience with a hands-free microphone attached.
Product image of a VPL-FHZ91L laser projector.


Spectacular image quality with minimal maintenance

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Product image of a VPL-FHZ75 laser projector.


Compact, high brightness projection

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Product image of a VPL-PHZ10 laser projector.


Versatile and reliable

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Product image of a VPL-CWZ10 laser projector.


Easy-to-use with affordable running costs

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Image showing a group of students navigating through university. A BRAVIA screen is visible on the wall, showing the time and location of a class.

Improve the campus experience with BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

Our BRAVIA displays are ideal for digital signage and smaller study spaces. 4K—four times the resolution of Full HD—produces detailed pictures, while simple integration with existing AV systems streamlines content sharing for greater efficiency and productivity for staff and students navigating the campus.

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Image showing a FW-49BZ35F BRAVIA screen with digital signage showing scheduled university events and lectures.

BRAVIA Professional Displays

Enhance education with our 4K, 8K and HD displays

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Facilitate immersive learning with Edge Analytics interactive technology

Edge Analytics increases student engagement through greater interaction with lesson content. Augmented reality extracts words and diagrams while the overlay feature enables the delivery of supporting content in real-time. More engaging, accessible content enhances the student learning experience and aids understanding.

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Image showing the handwriting extraction functionality of the Edge Analytics appliance.
Image showing a lesson in a classroom. Microphones are visible on the ceiling, recording the teacher.

Optimize intelligibility and understanding with our Beamforming Microphone

Simple settings, automatic calibration and central management make our Beamforming Microphone an ideal lecture theater audio solution. Advanced speech reinforcement technology facilitates hands-free lectures with volume stabilization and clear audio processing for optimal intelligibility, regardless of room size.

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