Work Remotely with Sony Professional Solutions

We’re here to support you while you continue to work remotely, and as you prepare to return to work safely. We are so grateful to those on the front lines who are working so hard to counter the current global health situation and our hearts go out to all affected. As this dynamic situation continues to evolve, we are committed to providing you with the tools necessary to continue operating at the highest level possible. We’re here for you and hope that we can help you get the most out of your time working remotely with Sony Professional Solutions.

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Sony Commitment

Sony Corporation has established the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19,” a 100 million US dollar fund to support those around the world affected by the COVID-19 virus.

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Thank you to all of the...

Nurses, doctors, caretakers, support staff, and first responders who are on the front lines during these difficult times.


Produce Broadcast-Quality Live Events from Home

The Sony MCX-500 Multi-Camera Live Producer makes it easy for a single operator to produce or stream live events while working remotely. It includes an 8-input video switcher, 5-channel audio mixer, effects generator for green screen chroma-key, and a recorder that allows you to record your program as you’re live streaming.

Broadcast live to your favorite social media platforms—YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Twitch, or any other platform that uses RTMP/RTMPS—using multiple cameras and video inputs from anywhere with an Ethernet connection. Connect virtually any camera with an HDMI, SDI, or Video Component connection.

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Behind the Camera: Social Distancing Production for VENICE and FX9

Learn how to connect remotely to VENICE and FX9 cameras and wirelessly upload to Sony Ci, our cloud-based tool for asset management, review, and collaboration.

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Transform Education with Distance Learning Solutions

Digital classrooms are the new norm. Teachers need to deliver lessons effectively and efficiently, reaching students with essential course materials. Students need to stay focused on classwork and engage in lessons without distraction.

Sony’s flexible solutions for distance learning let educators deliver lessons in virtual classrooms using rich media content with crisp visuals and clear audio to enhance the learning experience for students, wherever they are.

Our imaging technology solutions can help support teaching strategies and provide educators with the tools necessary to deliver remote lessons with impact.

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Transform Your Business With Remote Working Solutions

Bring everyone together in your organization—and inspire every employee to share in your success. We can help you unlock the potential of every team member with our flexible, easy-to-use solutions for real-time collaboration and remote working.

Connect staff, customers, and other stakeholders to drive smarter decision-making, while realizing even more value from real-world ICT budgets. Our remote-working solutions can turn one-way presentations into immersive, interactive collaboration sessions where everyone can contribute.

As a world leader in imaging technologies, our full line of PTZ Cameras and award-winning AI-Based Edge Video Analytics can help ensure that every participant is seen and heard with absolute clarity, while our latest advances in video analytics add an exciting new dimension to knowledge sharing.

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Returning to Work Safely

Our new BZ40H Series displays support Apple® AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for content sharing and remote control so users can maintain safe distances in meetings. The displays are also packed with a powerful new SoC platform for increased performance, Android-P OS with flexible software options, Wi-Fi 5-GHz support for less interference and high-speed connectivity, and Bluetooth 4.2 for fast data transfer speeds.

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PTZ Network Cameras

With high-quality sensors and a host of convenient features, our SRG and BRC remote cameras capture clear video and images with extremely low noise, no matter how challenging the environment. Stream lectures, presentations, and live performances in Full HD or 4K, and record simultaneously for the web or archive. Unique to Sony, View-DR technology expands dynamic range for clear images under harsh backlighting with extremes of light and dark in the same scene. XDNR technology reduces image noise for crisp reproduction of still and moving objects in poorly illuminated rooms. Plus, multiple interfaces, flexible control options, and Power-over-Ethernet make them easy to integrate into any size venue.

PTZ Network Cameras

AI-Based Edge Video Analytics

The REA-C1000 Edge Video Analytics Device uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create impactful video presentation content that previously would have required significant time, expense, and human resource to produce.

12-Month Zero-Percent Finance Program

Consider this: zero money down. And 0% financing on select Sony Professional broadcast and production camcorders, projectors, monitors, decks, and more for up to 12 months.

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Handwriting Extraction Software

Our optional REA-L0100 Handwriting Extraction Software License immerses users in presentations making it possible for words and diagrams written on a board to remain in full view of the audience, even when the presenter is obstructing the view. A groundbreaking, innovative solution for remote presentations and distance training, participants can join remotely via streaming and clearly view what’s being presented as if they’re sitting in the front of the room. Employees and customers never have to worry about missing a note—they can simply download extracted text to a JPEG file on their laptop for subsequent reference.

Presenter using the REA-L0100 Handwriting Extraction Software

Work Remotely with Ci

No deployment. No installation. No network firewalls. Just Ci.

Sony’s Ci media cloud service brings people and files together with the tools they need to get work done no matter where they are. Here are some of the things you can do with a Ci Team Workspace—without stepping foot in the office.

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Easy and Fast Upload Without the Commute

Don’t drive in just to deliver your content. Upload it from anywhere. Upload entire folder structures and watch them magically replicate in your Workspace. Ci’s accelerated file transfer optimizes your bandwidth to get the most out of your connection.

Ci on laptop with cup of coffee next to it on a granite table top
Man uploading files using Ci on a laptop

Collect Files from Anyone, Anywhere

Gather files from contributors anywhere by simply sharing a link. Collect vital metadata with the files and get automatic notifications when file upload is complete.

Create Clips and Edit Remotely

Select mark-in/out points and create video clips directly from the Ci player. Then, export it to your desired custom-defined format. Editors can work from anywhere and have access to all the content they need in Ci. Import files directly into bins, upload the latest cut, and share them in a MediaBox to the team… all without leaving Premiere Pro (or the couch). Install the Workspace panel from Adobe Exchange.

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Montage of desktop, laptop, and tablet showing Ci GUI on screen.

Preview and Review Together

Instantly markup and share comments with your team using our browser-based VideoReview and ImageReview apps. Then, launch a VideoReview LiveSession for synched preview in real-time with your team anywhere in the world.

Share or Deliver Your Files Securely

Securely share files and folders without network limitations using a Mediabox. Sharing videos? Manage the proxy size you want to deliver. Security conscious? Let Ci watermark those for you.

Ci Mediabox being used on a tablet

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