Maximum quality, economical file-sizes

The power of 16 bits

The world of digital cinematography is changing. Distribution channels are increasingly calling for 4K resolution, high frame rates, wide colour gamut and high dynamic range – all of which are data intensive. Yet productions still require reasonable transfer times and affordable storage, not to mention long camera loads.

Since its introduction in 2016, X-OCN (extended tonal range Original Camera Negative) has reset the standard for high end cinematography workflows.

By combining superlative 16-bit precision with surprisingly moderate bit rates, X-OCN opens up powerful new production possibilities. X-OCN produces file sizes much smaller than typical camera RAW, but unlike conventional codecs, X-OCN offers 16-bit scene linear encoding. So, you get the ultimate in tonal expression, longer record times, faster file transfers and more economical post-production.

The X-OCN format is a game changer, achieving up to 8K resolution and High Dynamic Range while maintaining reasonable bitrates. In this way, X-OCN is ideal for the most advanced workflows, including ACES, Rec. 2020, SMPTE ST 2084, the extended colour space of Sony’s S-Gamut3 colour and High Dynamic Range tone mapping.

VENICE 2 builds upon X-OCN’s proven success by offering internal 16-bit X-OCN recording without need for an external recorder, dramatically shrinking the form factor while still offering the full dynamic range and colour reproduction of the sensor.

Far exceeding 10 and 12-bit formats, 16-bit X-OCN records 65,536 tonal gradations per colour component, or over 280 trillion individual shades of colour. This is the ultimate in grayscale expression, creating an enormous palette for extreme subtleties in grading and far greater flexibility for colorists and editors alike.

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Smaller files, longer recording times

X-OCN combines the quality and versatility of RAW with the easy playback and smaller files of traditional codecs. You get longer recording times, faster file transfers and more cost-effective post-production.

  • X-OCN XT captures the highest quality imagery: it is ideal for demanding visual effects work and productions requiring the utmost image quality from VENICE. X-OCN XT profile maintains economical file sizes comparable to Sony’s RAW file size, making the workflow affordable and efficient. In comparing X-OCN with Sony’s RAW format, X-OCN has superior reproduction in low light areas and high light areas
  • X-OCN ST is recommended for most applications – it preserves the tremendous subtlety, image information and processing robustness of 16-bit Scene Linear while optimising file sizes for efficient workflow with 30% smaller file sizes than Sony RAW
  • X-OCN LT is ideal when you need even smaller file sizes – 60% smaller than Sony RAW – yet you still require the phenomenal picture quality and image processing flexibility provided by 16-bit Scene Linear
Side view of VENICE 2 digital cinema camera

Bitrate comparison at 4096 x 2160 24p

Bitrate comparison chart

Bitrate comparison at 8192 x 4320 / 24p

8K X-OCN bitrate comparison chart

High Frame Rates

As distribution channels migrate toward High Frame Rates, X-OCN is prepared. You can capture incredible 6K at up to 90 FPS, 4K at up to 120 FPS, with no sacrifice in resolution, no line skipping.

Non-destructive recording

Instead of baking in your settings for exposure index, colour space, LUTs, gamma, log and others, X-OCN captures these parameters as monitoring settings. This process is completely non-destructive, delivering the full potential of the original sensor data into post-production but with the added advantage of efficient file sizes. As a result, your colourist and editor are empowered with far greater decision-making flexibility than is possible with conventional video.

VENICE Workflow Benefits

Now updated with all the latest workflow developments for creativity and efficiency.

VENICE Workflow Benefits brochure cover

Easy to work with full third-party support

X-OCN is as easy to work with as Sony RAW, with files that play back in real time on most laptop computers. You get a choice of tools for viewing, editing, grading and file management. For additional simplicity, X-OCN uses the same industry-standard OP1a MXF wrapper as Sony RAW, XAVC, SR File and MPEG2 formats. Picture, Sound and Metadata are contained within one file wrapper for easy file management.

X-OCN is supported by leading non-linear editing software and colour grading tools such as Adobe Premiere CC, Apple Final Cut Pro via Calibrated{Q} Sony RAW Decode plug-in, Avid Media Composer via nablet Sony RAW AMA plug-in, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Colorfront OSD and FilmLight Baselight, to name a few.

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