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Create that ‘wow’ effect in entrance lobbies, boardrooms, meeting spaces and open areas with big, bold, colourful visuals that instantly set the agenda for visitors, clients and guests.

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Make a positive impression on visitors, clients and guests

Leave a lasting impression on visitors with big, bright, colourful visuals that showcase your brand. Ideal for lobbies, reception areas and right across the corporate workplace, our large professional display solutions are packed with the latest Sony technologies to welcome guests with vibrant images that can be seen clearly from any viewing angle. Wide installation options give extra flexibility in today’s corporate spaces, while energy-efficient features help keep running costs in check.

Immersive experiences that bring brands to life

Experience lifelike visuals with our BRAVIA Professional Displays featuring the X1 picture processor. The impressive BRAVIA BZ50L offers true-to-life 98” images and 780 nit brightness with rich colours and smooth movement. Our high-brightness laser projectors deliver vibrant images on any surface. Crystal LED video walls create breath-taking visuals, leaving a lasting impression on corporate guests without display panel gaps. Complement signage with our scalable line-array speaker system for impactful sound at corporate events, product launches and trade shows.

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Winding corridor with full floor to ceiling wall of colourful image display

Make a great impression on any scale

Welcoming guests in corridors, hallways and entrances, BRAVIA Professional Displays are available in a wide range of screen sizes right up to 98 inches, with consistent design across our display line-up to make a polished, professional corporate impression. Want to go larger? The spectacular size and picture quality of our scalable Crystal LED video walls gives visitors a compelling introduction to your brand. Our laser projectors create spectacular room-filling visuals in large spaces like entrance lobbies, press rooms and exhibition halls, ensuring there’s no doubt about your message.

Faster, more flexible installation

Save time with BRAVIA Professional Displays’ Pro Mode for easy settings replication across screens. Installer-friendly features include Wall-Mount Adjuster (included with 43”- 85” models) and carry handles (98” inch BZ50L) for flexibility. Lens shift adjustment and a wide choice of interchangeable lenses widens options for installing our projectors in any space, while Intelligent Settings speed set-up with presets to optimise brightness, cooling and other parameters. Slim Crystal LED video wall display panels come pre-calibrated for quick installation. Build walls of any size or shape, even curved and simplify installation in tight spaces with front access to system components and cabling.

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Smart integration in today’s connected world

Our BRAVIA Professional Displays give you direct access to a world of apps from a huge range of software partners, making it easy to welcome guests with spectacular signage and colourful visitor information. BRAVIA can be remotely controlled over IP, and features a built-in HTML5 platform, simplifying the creation and playout of rich media content without needing specialist skills. Our display solutions are also ideal for integration in today’s networked AV environments, with support for leading control, monitoring and management systems.

Reliability and energy efficiency built in

Designed for dependable 24/7 operation, our energy efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays can help control energy bills with programmable on/off times so power isn’t wasted outside office hours. The advanced fanless design of our Crystal LED video walls eliminates the need for costly air conditioning in corporate entrances and visitor spaces. The long-lasting laser light source of our projectors allows up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation (depending on usage environment).

Large open plan receptiopn space with large display screen
Tablet screen with TEOS information

TEOS signage and reception solutions to welcome visitors

Reception for TEOS ensures that guests always feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Guests can sign in via an intuitive tablet, automatically alerting meeting hosts via SMS or email. TEOS Reception can complement your existing setup to streamline guest sign in, or act as a standalone solution.

Signage for TEOS makes it easy to welcome visitors with colourful touch-interactive digital information that blends text, graphics, video and live web content to set a professional impression. Teams can quickly create and distribute signage to welcome visitors and create a lasting impression.

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Sustainability in every scene

BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed with intelligence to be kinder on the environment. With BRAVIA, you will be able to enjoy the most immersive display experiences with stunning designs, right alongside innovations to lower environmental impact by helping reduce energy consumption and use of non-renewable resources. To reduce environmental impact, we are working on multiple aspects across the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic, improvement of transportation efficiency, and review of power consumption during use.

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Explore visitor experience solutions for corporate environments
BRAVIA BZ40L product image

Exceptionally bright (up 700 nits) 4K HDR professional displays with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating for excellent visibility in brightly-lit spaces.

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BRAVIA BZ50L product image

Our largest BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display offers supreme 98-inch images and spectacular 780 nit brightness that can’t be missed in lobbies, boardrooms and auditoriums.

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VPL-GTZ380 product image

True 4K SXRD™ laser projector with very high 10,000 lm brightness and cinematic DCI-P3 colour for spectacular super-sized images that effortlessly fill the largest spaces.

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TEOS reception product image
TEOS Reception

Greet visitors while saving time and staffing costs with seamless self check-in via an intuitive touch-enabled tablet.

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Crystal LED product image
Crystal LED

Create a lasting impression for guests with our scalable LED video walls Choose high-brightness BH-series for for brightly-lit environments, or high-contrast CH-series for rich, vibrant images to impress every visitor.

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VPL FHZ131L product image

3LCD laser projectors with extremely high brightness (VPL-FHZ131L up to 13,000 lm), easy set-up and minimal maintenance; ideal for large reception areas.

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TEOS signage product image
TEOS Signage

Create, distribute and update colourful interactive signage that gives every guest a warm, professional welcome.

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SLS-1A product image

Compact Line Array Speaker system delivers clear, powerful sound that’s easily fine-tuned for maximum audibility in large lobbies and corporate spaces.

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