Your pictures deserve the perfect frame

A woman sitting on a chair having a picture taken

Install up to 4 custom gridlines with our Alpha functional license*.

If you need to compose multiple shots quickly, consistently, and reliably, Sony has the perfect solution. Now you can register and load up to 4 custom gridlines onto select Alpha mirrorless full frame cameras. And you can make the gridlines visible in the electronic viewfinder, the LCD or on an external monitor via HDMI® output. No need for LCD overlays to get that perfect image.

Our custom gridline license is perfect for school photos, athlete pictures, cruise ships, photo IDs, theme parks and more. Create them as PNG files and replace them as needed. You can even choose gridline colors, for example magenta to contrast with hair color. Supported cameras include the Alpha 7M4 with more on the way. At $149, this may be the most cost-effective camera accessory ever.

*Planned availability March 2024. One permanent license required for each supported Alpha mirrorless camera.

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School and ID photos

Get the perfect head position and spend less time worrying about framing, more time making your subject smile. You can change the grid color to prevent it from mixing with the color of the hair or background.

School photo of a boy smiling

Team sports

Sony makes it easy to apply one set of gridlines for full team photos and another for individual player shots. You can even create gridlines for specific sports, to capture the moment more accurately.

Photo of a young girls sports baseball team

Amusement parks

Now you can get an exceptional preview of how images will look after compositing into computer graphics. As PNG files, the gridlines can contain characters, logos, and other graphic elements.

A family taking a photo of themselves at an amusement park

Cruise ships

The combination of gridlines, Face AF, and Eye AF makes it easy to line up the standard family and couple photos, in addition to dynamic activity shots.

A photo of a family at a staircase of a cruise ship

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