Inspiring filmmakers

Behind the scenes at Japan’s largest rock music festival.

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FS7 II shoots 4K HDR inside world's largest cave

Behind the scenes with challenging documentary.


Live from Antarctica with NX5R

One of Japan’s largest broadcasters delivers an ambitious promotional campaign and live stream.

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Swiss Tourism promo shot with FS7 II

Ambitious concept shot on FS7 II with ILCE-6500 and FDR-X3000 ActionCam.

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'Cromo' eco-thriller shot in 4K with FS7 

Go behind the scenes of hit TV series production.

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MCX-500 and NX5R at London Fashion Week

Making it easy for a single operator to produce a broadcast quality live event.

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Australia’s Cruise Mode

David Mirabella chooses FS5 for vintage Jaguar segment.

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Paradise captured

Stéphane Couchoud shoots with FS5.

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Run and Gun: NX100 on test in Mojave Desert

Despite rain, sleet, snow, dust and relentless daily use it never failed.

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Going live from the African bush

WildEarth streams live from Kenya and South Africa.

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Shooting great content for YouTube

Film-maker Den Lennie’s tips for cinematic results without a big crew.

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Filming tips for better wedding videos

Shooting techniques by Philip White.

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Top tips for shooting music videos

Laurence Warder’s expert advice for young film-makers.

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PXW-FS7 Training Videos 

Practical, hands-on tips for Sony’s PXW-FS7 4K camcorder.

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FS5 shooting tips

Part one of Alister Chapman’s expert camcorder advice.

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FS5 RAW shooting tips

Alister Chapman explains why RAW is a big deal for Sony’s PXW-FS5.

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