High-Resolution Audio digital recorder with 3-way adjustable microphone
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Hi-Res Audio takes your recordings to the next level

Record professional sound with Hi-Res Audio at up to 192kHz/24 bit. Whether it’s your live music set, new podcast episode or breaking news report, the PCM-D10 unlocks a new level of detail and texture.

Record anytime, anywhere with 3-way built-in mics

No external mic? No problem. The PCM-D10 comes with three-way adjustable built-in mics with low noise and a wide frequency range, so you’re always ready to capture impeccable sound. And with three recording positions, you can adapt to your situation. Choose XY for music performances, zoom for interviews and discussions, or wide stereo for open and outdoor spaces.

Connect all your gear with twin XLR/TRS jack

Plug in two inputs for high-quality two-channel recording. Compatible with XLR and TRS connectors, the twin jack gives you more choice over your sources, from mics and mixers to keyboards. These jacks are independently mic or line level switchable and have independent 48V phantom power. You’ll also find a dedicated stereo 3.5mm mini jack input.

Capture flawless sound with dual ADCs

Combining two top-of-the-line AK4558 A/D D/A converters with our own high-quality technology, the PCM-D10 raises the bar for your recordings. Working in tandem, they maximise S/N and allow you to capture flawless sound at up to 192kHz.

Take total control of your input levels

With the variable analog gain amplifier, you can dial in your audio levels with precision. The recorder features independent dials for your L and R channels, so you’re free to adjust both, or just one, of your inputs. And because these are high-quality analog controls, you can adjust the gain smoothly, without the step noise that can be encountered with digital volume.


Circuit board designed to prevent noise

Look beneath the case of the PCM-D10 and you’ll find a circuit board engineered to give you the highest sound quality. The analog and digital circuits are totally separated on the board, reducing interference and boosting signal-to-noise. We’ve also positioned the amp blocks close to the inputs for the clearest possible transmission.

Analog headphone amp for pitch-perfect playback

Whether you’re monitoring live or reliving the performance, you’ll enjoy clear, detailed audio and high output power from the PCM-D10’s high-quality MAX9723 analog headphone amp. This also features an integrated analog volume controller for smooth adjustment.

High S/N mode

With high S/N mode, you can stop worrying about lost low levels. The PCM-D10’s two ADCs record at different volumes – one regular and one lower – and if any low levels are lost, the device automatically replaces these sections with audio captured at -12dB. The result? Clear recordings for even the most dynamic performances.

Power supplied by batteries or USB-TypeC™

Choose from different power supply options to match your recording environment. USB Type-C™ can be more suited to studio time, while dry cell batteries (4xAA) are ideal for recording in the field.

Digital Limiter

The Digital Limiter lets you make interruption-free recordings, even at high levels. When saturation occurs, the recorder will automatically fill clipped portions with a back-up recording at as much as -12dB. This means that even if volume spikes, you can be confident you’ve captured the flawless files you need.

Never miss a beat with push-lock jacks

The PCM-D10 features a push-lock jack that keeps your cables locked in place, so you can be sure you’ll always get the take – even if you’re at a bustling live show or reporting on the run.

Never lose sight of your L and R levels

An easy-to-read, on-screen display shows separate peak levels for your L and R channels, so you can see just where you need to tweak your inputs.

Capture more with up to 256GB of SD card storage

With 16GB internal memory, you’re always ready to lay down Hi-Res recordings. And with the capacity to add up to 256GB of SD card storage, you can record professional audio, even through the longest sessions. Plus, if you turn on Cross-Memory REC mode, the recorder will automatically switch to SD card when you exceed the internal memory, so you can be sure you never miss a take.

Three peak lamps to keep your levels in check

Just one look and you can check if you’re recording at safe levels thanks to the PCM-D10’s three peak level lamps. These will light up to indicate if your levels hit -20dB, -12dB or overload. You can also monitor full bandwidth stereo levels on the display or via the Sony REC Remote app.

Relive the performance wirelessly

Featuring BLUETOOTH® connectivity, the PCM-D10 lets you relive the moment on your choice of wireless device. Perfect for casual reviews on your own or sharing instant playbacks with the whole crew.

Hit record from your smartphone

Use the Sony REC Remote app to start recordings from your smartphone. This helps eliminate the interference sometimes caused by jogging the device when you hit the REC button. You can also use the app to adjust most recording settings, mark tracks and monitor your levels. Available for Android and iOS.

Capture every word with monaural mode

Recording an interview? Simply switch from stereo to monaural mode and the PCM-D10 will record on L channel only when an XLR cable is connected for perfect dialogue.

Take it into the studio via USB Type-C™

Recorded your raw audio? Now it’s time to import to your computer via USB Type-C™ and work your editing or post-production magic.

Huge capacitor for clear recording

The PCM-D10 is equipped with two 3300uF capacitors, which eliminate power ripples so you can record clear, distortion-free sound.

Tripod screw hole for easy mounting

Thanks to the ¼”-20 tripod screw hole, you can easily and securely mount the PCM-D10, whatever your recording set-up.

Intuitive controls for simple operation

The PCM-D10 is designed with a simple, intuitive button layout, so nothing comes between you and capturing the perfect recording. Plus, there are two custom buttons you can assign to modes such as high signal-to-noise or the Digital Limiter, giving you a shortcut to the operations you use most.

Edit your files with Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

Captured your raw files? Then it’s time to edit with Sound Forge Audio Studio 12, included as a download link and serial number. Ideal for cleaning up your interview audio or fine tuning your band’s performance before you share it with the world.

Wind screen keeps the elements at bay

The PCM-D10 comes with a wind screen, designed to reduce wind noise when you're working in the field.

Plot painted for the grip you need

The PCM-D10 is finished with a tactile, plot-painted texture. This helps you keep a firm grip on your recorder.


Size & Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx 80.2 x 197.6 x 37.4 mm
Approx 3.16 x 7.78 x 1.48 inches
Approx 480 g (including batteries)
Approx 16.94 oz (including batteries)
General Features
Battery Type
Dry Battery
Battery type (Provided)
LR6 (size AA) x 4
Built-in Memory
Built-in Microphone
Calendar Search
LCD Backlight
Maximum files per folder
Maximum files (total)
Menu Language
PC Connectivity
Playback Format
Recording Format
USB Connection Charging
Max. Recording time LPCM 192kHz, 24bit
3 Hrs 15 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 176.4kHz, 24bit
3 Hrs 35 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 96kHz, 24bit
6 Hrs 35 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 96kHz, 16bit
9 Hrs 55 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 88.2kHz, 24bit
7 Hrs 10 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 88.2kHz, 16bit
10 Hrs 45 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 48kHz, 24bit
13 Hrs 15 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 48kHz, 16bit
19 Hrs 50 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 44.1kHz, 24bit
14 Hrs 25 Min
Max. Recording time LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit
21 Hrs 35 Min
Max. Recording time MP3 320kbps
95 Hrs 25 Min
Max. Recording time MP3 128kbps
238 Hrs 0 Min
Battery Life for recording LPCM 192kHz, 24bit
Approx 32 Hrs
Battery Life for recording LPCM 96kHz, 24bit
Approx 36 Hrs
Battery Life for recording LPCM 48kHz, 24bit
Approx 44 Hrs
Battery Life for recording LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit
Approx 44 Hrs
Battery Life for recording MP3 320kbps
Approx 44 Hrs
Frequency response LPCM 192kHz, 24bit
20-60,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 176.4kHz, 24bit
20-60,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 96kHz, 24bit
20-40,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 96kHz, 16bit
20-40,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 88.2kHz, 24bit
20-40,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 88.2kHz, 16bit
20-40,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 48kHz, 24bit
20-22,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 48kHz, 16bit
20-22,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 44.1kHz, 24bit
20-20,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit
20-20,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response MP3 320kbps
20-20,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Frequency response MP3 128kbps
20-16,000 Hz (0~-3dB)
Manual Recording level adjustment
Scene Select
Cross-Memory Recording
Sync Recording Function
Recording Monitor
Limiter Function
Noise-cut Filter
Low-cut Filter
Add / Overwrite Recording
FM Radio Recording
AM Radio Recording
Remote Control App from Smartphone (REC Remote)
Playback & Edit
A-B Repeat
Alarm Playback
Digital Noise Canceling
Digital Pitch Control (Speed Control)
Digital Voice Up
Easy Search
File Copy
Folder Name Change (without using PC)
Full Digital Amplifier
Graphic Equalizer
Key Control
Move File
Noise Cut
Track Mark
Input and Output Terminals
MIC IN/LINE IN jack (stereo mini-jack)
XLR/TRS jack(s)
Headphone jack (stereo mini-jack)
LINE OUT jack (stereo mini-jack)
USB port (USB Type-C™ port) Hi-speed USB compatible
SD card slot
Communication method: Bluetooth Standard version 4.0
Maximum communication range: approx. 10 m (33 ft)
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz - 2.4835 GHz)
Compatible Bluetooth profiles: A2DP/AVRCP/SPP
Supported Codec: SBC
What's in the box
What's in the box
USB Type-C™ cable (USB-A to USB-C)
Wind screen
Carrying pouch
LR6 (size AA) alkaline batteries
Operating Instructions
SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 Installation Guide