Intelligent Media Services

Seamlessly capture, manage and deliver your content – adding value at every stage

Limitless Potential

Our Intelligent Media Services offer a range of services and micro-services designed to transform traditional media supply chains and unlock more value from your content. Utilising cloud-native solutions, AI technology and PaaS/SaaS subscriptions models Intelligent Media Services allows you to produce, manage and deliver content anytime, anywhere, to an unprecedented range of distribution platforms.

Go limitless, with Sony’s Intelligent Media Services.

Are you looking for multi-platform production and delivery solutions?

Media organisations are looking for ways to increase audience engagement while improving efficiencies.

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Are you looking for ways to streamline and automate workflows to reduce costs?

Organisations are striving to reduce manual operations, cut costs and increase speed across targeted workflows areas.

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Do you want instant, secure access to all your content digitally?

Organisations want to get more value out of their content – increasing its longevity and enabling instant access to archives and improved production integration – digitising content to open up new revenue opportunities.

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Are you ready for 4K UHD workflows?

Content creators want to achieve higher audience engagement with better quality content and more internationally saleable product or coproduction and key to achieving this is better content workflow adoption and future=proofed active archiving capability.

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Do you need to integrate separate, multiple MAM systems?

Multi-MAM organisations require greater and less duplication across several production islands.

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Are you looking to migrate workflows to the cloud?

For organisations who want to take advantage of the operational benefits of moving to the cloud while retaining consistent access to content and computer resources, no matter where they are.

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Are you looking to drive revenue with OTT eCommerce solutions?

For organisations looking to create more authentic and connected relationships with their audience, with secure streaming and the ability to enable viewers to connect with one another.

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