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To thrive in today’s media environment, you need to deliver anytime, anywhere to an unprecedented range of platforms. You need to do it efficiently, reducing your footprint, streamlining operations and achieving financial flexibility – all without any sacrifice in quality. Enter Sony’s Media Solutions. We combine unique credentials in content and production with breakthroughs in cloud computing, Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. In this way, we’re driving major efficiencies across the enterprise.

Solving Real World Problems

“I have too little time.”

From news producers racing to get a story on-air to content owners racing to meet a distribution deadline, Sony’s Media Solutions change everything. Cloud-based automation simplifies your workflow. Cloud-based collaboration accelerates editing and approvals. Cloud-based distribution even speeds your final delivery.

“My workflow is too complex.”

If “snowflake” workflows are tripping you up; if repetitive tasks are bogging your staff down; if you’re finding it too hard to keep track of jobs, assets and elements; you need Sony’s Media Solutions. Our transformative technologies automate workflows, simplify asset management and rationalize your media supply chain.

“I have no financial flexibility.”

Internet startups can scale up without racks of equipment and tons of capital. Now you can, too. Sony leverages SaaS and PaaS configurations. So you can balance CapEx and OpEx to suit your financial needs, leveraging on-premises and cloud-based capabilities as required.

“Security is my biggest concern.”

Breaches, glitches and even misplaced physical media can all rob you of precious assets. That’s why we built our Media Solutions on Amazon Web Services. AWS has unsurpassed expertise to protect your data with high security, high reliability and high availability – not to mention 99.999999999% durability.*

* Durability claimed by AWS for Amazon Glacier storage.

“I need to tap new markets.”

Need to reach new audiences, gain new distribution channels or tap new revenue streams? Sony’s Media Solutions make a decisive difference. Our services cover everything from comprehensive media supply chain management to a faster route to social media.

Sony. Thoroughly grounded in cloud services

Quietly and methodically, Sony has become a world leader in cloud services for media.

  • Our team includes developers and people with invaluable expertise in production, engineering and information technology
  • Our team includes developers and people with invaluable expertise in production, engineering and information technology
  • We process millions of hours of content
  • We distribute millions of customer files to over 1,200 endpoints
  • We’ve built over 100 APIs for on-premises equipment
  • And we’re ready to support your workflow from acquisition to archive

Finding your application

Whatever stage of production or distribution is challenging you, we can help. Our solutions span the media life cycle from lens to living room, covering every production genre and supporting every type of user from the individual camera owner-operator to the largest media enterprise.

Cloud-Based ENG Workflow

Reach viewers wherever they happen to be: over the air, on the web, mobile or social. Be first to air in an era when anyone with a smartphone can break news. What’s more, meet these needs while maximizing quality and controlling – or reducing – cost. Let us show you how.

Cloud-based ENG service

XDCAM air. Leverage the cloud to control live streaming from ENG crews, send assignments to the field, manage files and edit storyboards.


Integrated news and sports production system

Media Backbone Hive. Complete from planning and ingest to browse, edit, playout, distribution and archive.

Integrated News and Sports Production

In the constant battle to be first to air, you have an important ally: Sony. We leverage HTML5 apps and Hyperconverged Node architecture to deliver substantially faster, more agile, more creative production – ideal for today’s fast-paced content landscape.

Integrated news production and sports system

Media Backbone Hive. Complete from planning and ingest to browse, edit, playout, distribution and archive.

Remote Production

Imagine the savings when you can broadcast a game where only the camera crew and talent are on-location. The rest of the production team – director, technical director, color shaders, replay operators and audio engineers – remain in your brick-and-mortar studios.

Remote production (REMI)

IP Live. Transcend SDI with industry-standard IP and Sony’s cameras, switchers and servers.


Switcher automation

ELC. Choreograph news shows in conjunction with your newsroom computer system.

Content Management and Workflow Orchestration

Assets you can’t locate aren’t really assets. To make the most of your content, make it seamlessly and instantly accessible from virtually anywhere. And if you’re under pressure to do more with less, orchestrate your workflow with our automation tools. We integrate with more than 100 third-party systems, enabling you to leverage the devices you already have.


Asset management and workflow automation system

Media Backbone NavigatorX. Content searches as easy as internet searches.


Broadcast automation

Master Control Automation working directly with LoadingDock from Crispin®, a Sony Group Company. From an all-in-one tool to streamline acquisition, prep and file sharing for a single station or multi-station groups.

Integrated news and sports production system

Media Backbone Hive. Incorporates content management and workflow automation.


Media cloud services

Sony Ci. 100% cloud-native media collaboration and sharing SaaS with automated transcoding, proxy generation and metadata extraction.


Media supply chain management and distribution

Ven.ue. Service includes a dedicated CMS so you can manage assets, avails and distribution via automated workflows.

Production Collaboration and Media Processing

Don’t let physical distance limit your workflow. We leverage the cloud to bring together content, teams, facilities and systems. Now you can securely share content inside and outside the enterprise and accelerate post production and archiving. In the process, you can align billing with your actual usage, providing project-level accountability.

Media cloud services

Sony Ci. Collaborate, automate, share and archive. We manage petabytes of content and millions of files.

Master Control Automation

Whether you need to automate one channel or hundreds, Sony simplifies master control. Dozens of APIs reach out and orchestrate the latest broadcast devices and systems via IP, serial or GPIOs. Smart playlist and asset management simplify your life. Scalable configurations cover multi-site and hub operations.

Master control automation 

Crispin®, a Sony Group Company, is the authority in master control automation.

Automated Broadcast Acquisition for Playout

Forget expensive satellite feeds, consumer-grade cloud services and shipping hard drives. With our cloud-based solutions it’s suddenly easier than ever to acquire, aggregate and distribute content wherever and whenever you need it. We can simplify even the most demanding distribution systems, lower costs and reduce boring, repetitive tasks.

Managed media distribution center

Get content to air with fewer hands on the controls. Our acquisition-in-a-box solution from Crispin®, acquires, normalizes and centralizes content so that it is stored once and can be played out from any edge location.

Digitization and Archiving

Your analog assets are stranded. They’re difficult to access, immune to remote browsing and isolated from today’s digital revenue streams. Digitizing brings analog assets into this century. In addition, Sony’s unique facilities for on-premises and cloud archiving offer unrivalled asset durability, discovery and access.


Digital archiving and monetization

Memnon® Services. Preserve your analog content. Increase accessibility. Tap revenue streams. Comply with regulations.


On-premise storage 

Optical Disc Archive Gen 2. Your on-prem second copy complements cloud storage, provides amazing resilience for total peace of mind.

Media cloud services

Sony Ci. Secure, cloud-based archiving with access from anywhere in the world.


Asset management and workflow automation system

Media Backbone NavigatorX. Incorporates powerful control over archives.


Integrated news and sports production system

Media Backbone Hive. Archive access and control are built in.

OTT and eCommerce Solutions

Build a richer, deeper, more authentically connected relationship with your customers through our white label platform. Provide secure streaming. Blur the lines between OTT and physical media. Monetize through advertising, subscriptions and eCommerce innovation.*

Customize your user experience.

* eCommerce via third-party provider.

White label platform

Ven.ue. The end-to-end solution from an established leader.

Media Supply Chain Management and Distribution

Looking to distribute video content globally? We built the first 100% cloud based video distribution service delivering to platforms on behalf of content owners and broadcasters globally. Our customizable platform distributes content to over 1,400 endpoints in multiple languages, meeting any required specification.

 Cloud based video distribution service

Ven.ue. The ultimate end-to-end solution. Your content. Your audience. Your way.

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