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Connect your camera to the cloud

Instant and easy connection

Hassle-free experience

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Move content faster, from anywhere

Send video from any location and access it wherever you are. Connect to the cloud without wires, backpacks or vehicles and get content into your production workflow—fast. Our C3 Portal service gives you high speed file transfers and streaming, direct from your camera.

C3 Portal is the gateway that connects Sony’s cameras to cloud networks. Close the gap in modern workflows.

Diagram wit file transfer, metadata, camera control, and live streaming icons connected to C3 Portal

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Simply Connect Your Camera to the Cloud

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Easily connect to the cloud

C3 Portal uses mobile 5G/LTE, Wifi and Ethernet to connect your camera to the cloud. Creators’ App for enterprise realizes easy network connection between camera and cloud by only scanning QR code from your smartphone.The mobile app also allows you to adjust settings, preview video clips, log metadata and manage transfers.
By utilising the app, you can avoid manual network settings on the camcorder side, can transfer files when you are moving to the next location, and can review clips at any time.

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*C3 Portal supported functions vary depending on the camcorder.


Effortless integration through SDI connectivity

The C3 Portal seamlessly integrates with Teradek’s 4K HDR encoders, including Prism Mobile, Prism Flex, and Serv 4K, allowing you to easily connect Sony camcorders via SDI connectivity. In addition, planning metadata is supported to ensure that recorded content is properly tagged when received by the station, giving teams the assurance they need.

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Improved File Transfer Speed

View and Edit While Shooting

Chunked file transfer allows the production team to begin editing content while shooting is still in process. The files are automatically divided into chunks based on the time interval you set on the camera and are uploaded to the cloud. As a result, multiple MP4 clips are created, enabling you to start editing soon after the shooting begins. This process provides a seamless workflow for the production team, allowing them to view and edit the content while it’s being shot.

Diagram demonstrating C3 Portal interface with icons ‘shoot’ and ‘preview/edit’ on the left
Video production team holding their smartphones together.

Improve speed with more bandwith

With mobile app operation, “Multi Mobile Link Transfer” function can be used.* With MMLT, multiple cellular lines are virtually bundled, and the transfer speed increases according to the number of connected smartphones. You can enjoy fast file transfer from an outdoor, remote location, or any other location which single source might not be enough.

*Only Android supported.

Stream from your smartphone

C3 Portal also supports XDCAM pocket smartphone app, which turns your phone into a cloud-ready XDCAM camcorder. This intuitive mobile app streams content shot with smartphones back to the base, using sophisticated QoS technology for better-looking images and fewer dropouts over cellular LTE networks.

XDCAM Pocket app interface with firemen spraying water

Automate your workflow

End to End Metadata Workflow

C3 Portal’s unique metadata management starts from the planning stage of the production. In the case of news production, the newly made stories in the NRCS (Newsroom Computing System) are automatically exchanged as the Story Metadata in C3 Portal. The Story Metadata can be sent to the Creators’ App for enterprise and assigned to the shooting files. The metadata is attached to the files throughout the total workflow which improves its efficiency.

Diagram with icons for C3 Portal, news story, NRCS, planning metadata, camcorder, and more

AI integration - Speech to Text

C3 Portal supports AI transcription service by integrating our AI platform service – A2 Production.
File transferred to C3 Portal will start text transcription automatically. Transcription will be used as to search files easily in the folder, check the content easily without preview , and also can be utilized as metadata.

Straight to edit

Storyboard Editing

C3 Portal also has story board function which allows you to do rough cuts on browser. Each clips can have in points/out points and can assemble those clips to make up your video. You can render preview-ready files for immediate sharing to socials or can download EDL to continue your editing on your NLEs.

C3 portal storyboard editing interface with file folders on the left, thumbnails in the middle and video on the right
C3 Portal editor interface with a video thumbnail on the right

Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro

C3 Portal plug-in support for Adobe Premiere Pro enables you to import clips on C3 Portal into Premiere Pro for use in post-production.

Marquis - Avid Integration

C3 Portal integrates seamlessly with Avid MediaCentral via Marquis, meaning proxy resolution footage from a Sony camera can be edited almost straight away in an Avid environment. Media files and associated metadata are automatically transferred from the camera as proxies for editing, then the hi-res partial files can be requested, which are automatically transferred to MediaCentral from the C3 Portal via Marquis, ready for air.

Marquis - Avid

C3 Portal Partners

Optimize your workflow with 3rd party integration

C3 Portal will be the open platform cloud service to be integrated with 3rd party systems and services. By combining the software which you are using, C3 Portal provides you with next-generation workflow. The function-wise module APIs are also prepared by the different development layers.

Learn more

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3D demonstration of a camera crew using C3 Portal
Initial Settings Tutorial

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File Transfer Tutorial

Learn how to transfer files through C3 Portal.

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Screenshot of C3 portal editing features
Mobile Operation Tutorial

Learn how to operate C3 Portal on your smartphone.

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A screenshot of C3 Portal video files organisation
Cloud Operation Tutorial

Learn how to maximize your workflows.

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Learn how Swiss news organisation CH Media uses camera to cloud technology to get breaking news back from the field and out to its viewers as fast as possible.

C3 portal supported functions vary depending on the camcorder

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