Smarter operations and remote control

Remote and Distributed Production

Live productions are being built on a foundation of IP technology. Businesses are re-defining how they work. Remote production is changing what is possible.

Live productions that work for you and your clients

Transform your business and run dynamic live productions. Between your team, our architects and our network of partners, we design and build IP infrastructure and workflows that improve your operational efficiency. We listen to your needs, then we make your vision a reality. We can free your crews to produce more, higher quality content—anywhere.

Find out how media company Polsat transformed its business with Sony. Its new IP-based OB truck can produce in any format, including HDR and 4K, while keeping workflows and operations flexible.

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Find out how Remote Production has been evolving and changes the way we work.
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More agility and more opportunities with IP

IP technology doesn’t just unlock remote and distributed production—it changes businesses. You can manage people, systems and productions more efficiently. Speed up workflows while producing higher quality content. And cover more events while reducing transport costs and working more flexibly.

Expertise you won’t find anywhere else

You have a vision for your business—and we want to hear it. Our specialists understand every inch of live production, with unparalleled experience and expertise in production workflows and real-time IP networks. We listen to what your business needs, then Sony and Nevion’s experts work with our ecosystem of partners to build an operation that brings your vision to life.

The future of live production – remote and distributed production

IP technologies don’t just mean a new way to think about live production. Download our whitepaper to find out how they enable completely new business models and a vision for the future.

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Smart resource management with IP infrastructure

Build live operations that have flexibility and agility at their core. Use IP infrastructure to create a software defined network that lets you smoothly manage, allocate and scale network resources. Give your studios and control rooms everything they need, while connecting them to other locations and making remote productions more efficient. All with a system that has the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Secure, stable broadcasts

With IP connectivity and a smart control system, broadcasts can be more secure and reliable. Instead of automatically-routed neworks, Nevion’s VideoIPath orchestration and control software allows deterministic routing, as well as handling current and planned flows. And because only authorised equipment can connect, security is built in, supported by password protection, encrypted access and defined access rights.

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Germany’s PLAZAMEDIA enjoys new opportunities and smarter resource management

Working with Nevion, PLAZAMEDIA built a new, IP-based broadcasting centre near Munich. Now, the German content, production and technology company can share studios, control rooms and production resources with ease, thanks to its virtualized infrastructure. As a result, the company has reduced costs, increased flexibility and can take on more productions with the same resources.

Make the most of your resources, wherever they are

Run live productions from anywhere, with fewer people and less equipment on site. IP connectivity lets you share productions resources—including staff— across multiple locations, reducing travel and lost time. With an IP-enabled central facility, you can work more efficiently and produce more events with the resources you already have, all without increasing your budget.

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