Software : VENICE (MPC-3610) V3.00

  • Version: 3.00
  • Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sony is offering a system firmware update for Digital Motion Picture Camera VENICE “MPC-3610”


Applicable model

Digital Motion Picture Camera VENICE “MPC-3610”


Applicable system firmware version

The applicable products are with the system firmware version “Ver.2.10” or earlier.

(Please visit the download page to check the system firmware version installed on your product.)

After updating, the system firmware version will be “Ver.3.00”.


 Contents of update

1.     Added imager modes 6K 2.39:1  5.7K 16:9

2.     Supported the X-OCN XT recording format

3.     Added De-Squeeze ratios 1.25x,1.3x,1.5x,1.8x

4.     Added Cache rec function

5.     Added AXS Relay Rec function

6.     Added simultaneous format

7.     Added SxS recording folder structure selection

8.     Supported 6G/12G output SDI

9.     Improved imaging assist function

10.     Supported CBK-WA02 Wireless LAN Adapter

11.     Improved VF menu operations and Frame Line setting

12.     Supported to apply CDL files


IMPORTANT: Installation of firmware is at owner’s risk – please refer to our terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation always read installation instructions. 

Applies to:
Size: 173,876,510 byte
Info: MPC-3610_V300_firmware_SSB.bin / MPC-3610_V300_firmware_SSB.md5 / MPC-3610_V3.00_ReleaseNote.pdf / MPC-3610_UpdateManual.pdf / Readme.txt / *md5_Hash Data:Data to check that the downloaded file is correct. It is not used for updating.

By downloading the above files, you agree to our terms and conditions.