Automotive retail displays

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Car dealerships trends

Waiting times

Extended wait times from purchase to delivery make it essential to create a more engaging showroom experience.

Consumer habits

With increased remote purchases, dealerships must lure clientele back to the showroom with a ‘wow’ factor.

Consumer expectations

Dealerships must meet ‘phygital’ service demands with interactive technologies which allow for personalisation.


Dealerships are struggling to keep pace with constant innovation in an environmentally friendly way.

Retail display solutions for automotive showrooms

Sony’s car showroom displays present the perfect solution. They can be fully integrated with existing operations to project awe-inspiring ads, relay model information, craft an immersive experience, and allow for personalised user interaction.

Capture attention

Sony’s retail pro displays are tailored to create an eye-catching, welcoming environment, which conjure a positive sense of wonder and discovery in the customer from the minute they walk in.

Bright, high contrast image of car on black background is shown on Crystal LED wall.

Improve brand awareness

Our digital signage solutions offer holistic client care in the form of advertising, education, and customer service from an interactive hub which fosters greater brand awareness and deepens brand loyalty to increase footfall.

Optimise performance

Our interactive pro displays maximise revenue by creating an eco-system in which vendors can streamline ads, branding, and brochures while offering customers an engaging, immaculate experience to drive purchases.

Create immersive visual experiences

Steer the attention of clients with BRAVIA 4K pro Displays, our 3LCD laser projector and Crystal LED Video Walls which pack Sony’s trademark processing power to deliver flawless, high-contrast HDR pictures in vivid colour with seamless, ultra-smooth transitions sure to inspire awe from any angle or distance.

LED wall displays a high brightness high contrast image of a car with a red design on top.

Phygital experiences that increase customer engagement

Race to the vanguard of the gamification of the industry, by putting the customer in the driving seat and letting them build their dream car spec-by-spec to be rendered exquisitely on our BRAVIA Series pro displays packed with Sony TRILUMINOUS technology for faithful colour reproduction, before unleashing the visceral roar of the engine through our SLS-1A Speakers.

Two people looking at a car on a professional display.

Scalable to client dreams

Build an experience without limit on a scale with the customer’s imagination by tiling multiple bezel-free displays from Sony’s X1™Crystal LED Wall series to create giant LED video installations of virtually any size or aspect ratio to kindle and inspire the passions of the customer or throw super-sized images onto any shape or type of surface with our projectors.

A car parked on a road with a city skyline in the background on a Crystal LED wall.

Cost efficient solutions

The automobile industry is constantly innovating, and so dealerships can never take their foot off the pedal – which is why our energy-efficient BRAVIA retail pro displays are built for seamless round-the-clock reliability with lagless Motionflow XR technology, while being packed with smart-apps to help streamline brochuring and ad-campaigns. Our Crystal LED video walls feature an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates the need for costly air conditioning. The long-lasting laser light source of our projectors lets shoppers enjoy uncompromised high-brightness images for up to 20,000 hours*.

*Depending on usage environment.

Explore retail display solutions for car showrooms

Sony offers a number of solutions to act as the ignition which will give your car showroom the boost it needs, ranging from BRAVIAs and Crystal LED walls to projectors and speakers.

Attracting customers

Our BH and CH-series Crystal LED walls offer the immersive visual experience that will drive customers to your car showroom. For less conventional spaces, VPL-GTZ380 can throw spectacular super-size images onto any shape or type of surface. Dazzle shoppers and attract them into your car dealership. Complementing this visual experience, the SLS-1A speaker enhances this immersion with powerful sound that surrounds your visitors.

A red car in front of a Crystal LED wall with a road.


Showcase your best offers and latest products with our brightest premium displays. BRAVIA BZ40H series pro displays are ideal for presenting offers with rich vivid colours, in screen sizes up to 85”. Your products will stand out with our biggest 100” BRAVIA BZ40J pro display. The SLS-1A Line Array speaker delivers clear and powerful promotional messages that can be heard in busy environments.

A customer in a room looking at a Crystal LED wall with a car.

Managing operations

Ideal for managing the operations of your sales teams, BZ35J pro displays offer an extra wide viewing angle available in 43” and 50” screen sizes, to fit every meeting room.

Image of meeting room with group of people beside a BRAVIA screen

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