Highly accurate capture of patient data, from initial recording through to printing

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We provide medical staff with best in class ultrasound and surgical documentation workflows – whether stand-alone, or for integration with leading modality manufacturers.

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Surgeons in a OR with Sony printers

In the operating room

After the images have been captured – we provide highly detailed recording of video and still images in 4K, 4K 3D, 3D or conventional HD. The integration between our products ensure a smooth workflow from recording footage to printing imagery for further analysis.

Image of UP-DR80MD


Surgical monitors


Ultrasound documentation

Our high-quality, fast and efficient ultrasound printing workflow streamlines patient consultations for healthcare professionals.

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An ultrasound in progress
Wireless printing optimises space in the OR, as printers are moved outside

Wireless printing

We’ve cut the cable. Our easy to use wireless printing solutions offers a simple, reliable alternative to USB cabled connections for medical printers in the operating room or ultrasound suite.

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High performance print media

We’ll help reduce the risk of inferior print quality and compromised operation with our official media, that’s finely-tuned to match your printer’s characteristics. You’ll be rewarded with consistently accurate, long-lasting prints across a wide range of clinical applications – while extending the lifespan of your Sony medical printer.

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Doctor showing an ultrasound print to a patient - printed by a sony medical printer on compatible Sony print media

Colour print media

Thermal print media

Thermal film