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Live production switcher for software based live production workflows

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Ideal production switcher for mid to large-scale content

M2L-X provides more flexibility and capability for customer’s production workflow due to its Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment with open collaboration between 3rd party applications such as Audio Mixer, Graphix, and Multi-Viewer. For professional live production needs in the B2B sphere, the amount of content demand is increasing such as multi-lingual international sports and events and local sports content, M2L-X is your ideal solution. It caters to extensive scale live productions, offering adaptable workflows to accommodate current mid-to-large-scale live production challenges.

A new addition to the M2L live production solution

M2L-X is a software-based production switcher designed for increasing flexibility for live production workflows, offering increased flexibility. It empowers users to manage and control broadcast productions for news, sports, and live events swiftly and efficiently, regardless of their location and class of facility. Much like M2 Live, this software-based switcher allows producers to orchestrate video switching and audio mixing, graphics and captions—remotely from any location over the network with easy setup and minimal deployment time. M2L-X and M2L evolve together to free yourself from capital investment and time constraints.

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Flexibility and adaptability in key production settings

M2L-X’s operation on COTS and VPC environments enhances its versatility and adaptability. With COTS, it offers cost efficiency by using widely available equipment, reducing both initial investment and maintenance costs. VPC compatibility ensures secure, scalable, and reliable cloud-based operations, enabling seamless collaboration for geographically dispersed teams.

Complete live production workflow under open collaboration with 3rd party applications

M2L-X collaborates with 3rd party applications such as Audio Mixier, Graphix and Multi-Viewer. For audio, advanced mixing and more channels can be handled with the application. For Graphix, collaborating with application over NDI as well as supporting HTML5 enables to overlay variety of graphics created easily. Multi-Viewer output is also realized between 3rd party collaboration with versatile stream format for video output and tally, name interconnection.

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Seamless interconnectivity with the MLS-X1

The integration of M2L-X with the Modular Live System MLS-X1 takes the concept of distributed production workflow to a whole new level. The MLS-X1, known for its extensive processing power and scalability, enables M2L-X to meet a wide array of live production needs. It’s all about flexibility; rather than a single monolithic switcher chassis, multiple smaller processing units can be rapidly configured according to the specific requirements of any production.

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Hybrid user interface and efficient integration with the ICP-X panel

M2L-X offers scene based GUI for intuitive operation. In addition to that, the integration of the [new product] with the ICP-X panel ensures familiarity for hardware based switcher operation, as well as a seamless operation of both hardware and software, bringing about efficient control and management of production tasks. Sony’s innovative ICP-X7000 Series Control Panel, also known as “X-Panel”, is an embodiment of Sony’s pioneering modular design style that has earned an outstanding reputation.

Valuable additional functions for live production

The M2L-X handles a variety of streaming formats and many picture layers. It features built-in clip players and an audio mixer readily used for production. M2L-X is capable of HDR production too. M2L-X keeps enhancing features such as supporting PTZ camera control over NDI for more efficient live production.

* Some of the features may require future firmware update.

Amplified collaboration through Networked Live

M2L-X’s connection to the Sony Networked Live production world amplifies its collaborative and efficiency potential. Networked Live, an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners, enables high-quality mission-critical live production through interconnected hybrid on-premises and Cloud capabilities. By being part of this ecosystem, M2L-X leverages shared resources and  fosters remote and distributed production.

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