Master setup unit, multi camera remote control panel for HDC / HSC cameras (horizontal type)
Image of the following product: MSU-1000


The MSU-1000 master setup unit is a control panel for camera configuration and maintenance. It is a horizontally-oriented device (as opposed to the MSU-1500, which has a compact, vertically oriented panel) and can control multiple camera systems, using either the CNU-700 Camera Command Network Unit, or using a LAN, in which case up to 96 cameras can be controlled.

This product contains pre-installed software and requires the purchase of licence keys to activate some functions.


Large and flexible system configuration

The MSU-1000 is part of a family of products that provides flexibility in the configuration of large and small camera control systems.

Ethernet LAN capability

The MSU-1000 supports inter-connectivity using an Ethernet LAN as well as a CNU-700

Customisable Switch and menu

MSU-1000 users can map any function to an assignable switch or menu item