Visitor Attractions

Bring visual exhibits to life with Beyond 4K


Using versatile, high-resolution video, our amazing Beyond 4K solution lets you present timeless works of art and beauty.

Traditionally, museums, art galleries and other visitor attractions have relied on static exhibits. Today, audiences expect visual, video content that takes them on a new journey.

Video exhibits can make a powerful impression on visitors, helping to build interest and increase audience numbers.

In 2005, we introduced the market’s first projector capable of 4K (4096 H × 2160 V pixel) SXRD projection. Since then, technology has advanced significantly and many 4K solutions are now in place, covering the entire workflow from image capture to projection.

Today, our devices and systems support the creation of a wide range of 4K content, from feature films to documentaries and live productions. Our advanced imaging technology is capable of supporting museums and galleries in staging memorable exhibitions that convey artistic truth and beauty to visitors of all ages.

Museums and galleries

Create stunning visual exhibits with giant multiscreen displays by lining up any number of 4K projectors. This technology can also produce video content with 8K × 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (fps), for an extremely high-quality picture.

Multi-screen displays from multiple 4K projectors

Our visualisation and simulation 4K projector, the SRX-T615, delivers both high brightness (18,000 lumens) and high contrast (12,000:1), enabling ground-breaking reproduction of dark scenes incorporating deep blacks, starry skies, and night views.

In addition, any number of SRX-T615 projectors can be lined up together to produce a multi-image display. An edge-blending capability produces a seamless multiscreen display, with a natural appearance in the border overlaps. This type of setup can be used, for example, to create a truly impressive full-wall video exhibit at a museum entrance or in a gallery.

8K × 4K live-action content

The F65, our flagship digital motion picture camera, incorporates a single super-35 mm 8K (20-megapixel) CMOS image sensor, and can shoot raw video at a maximum resolution of 8K × 4K at 60 fps. This delivers an extremely high-quality image that remains smooth even when showing rapid movement.

Our Super Resolution Demosaicing Processor can create and cut out superb picture quality images at any resolution. The view can be freely laid out to match content, for example 8K x 2K panoramic images or long vertical images.

Offering high resolution, high frame rates, and flexible formats, our Beyond 4K solution is capable of delivering impressive museum and gallery exhibits across a wide range of content. Achieve both overarching views of dynamic and grand natural beauty, as well as magnified views showing the world through the eyes of its smallest creatures.

An immersive experience with a pitch black sky

Creating stunningly accurate and vibrant astronomical images is one of the most demanding applications for a projector. High resolution and high contrast are essential to display the infinite detail of the stars against a pitch-black sky.

Our projectors offer both. With our SXRD™ (Silicon X-Tal Reflective Display) technology, which supports 4K resolution and a stunning contrast ratio, our projectors can show the sparkling detail and jet-black darkness of the Milky Way, resulting in an immersive viewing experience.

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Flexible installation, whisper-quiet operation

The size and shape of the planetarium dome has a strong influence on the projector setup. Our VPL-GTZ270 and VPL-GTZ280 projectors feature a laser light source which allows the unit to be positioned at any angle, either horizontally or vertically, to provide the best use of your space.

And with a combination of one-way airflow and a liquid cooling system, our projectors offer extra-quiet operation to minimise audience disruption, even when the projector is installed near the audience.

Reduced maintenance

Routine maintenance is a major cost associated with traditional projectors. This is why our VPL-GTZ270 and VPL-GTZ280 projectors feature a range of innovative technologies to reduce the need for maintenance and save you money.

Long-lasting brightness

Projectors with a lamp light source dim over time, with routine replacement of the lamp required every few hundred or few thousand hours. Our laser light source projectors have a lifetime of at least 20,000 hours – ten times that of a conventional projector – so you can save money not only on the lamp itself, but also on the cost of replacing it.

Uniform intensity

The picture quality and brightness of traditional projectors varies over time, necessitating readjustment. Our projectors feature a uniform-intensity mode to avoid intensity fluctuations, along with an auto-calibration mode to restore colour gamut and colour temperature of the original settings.

Reduced cleaning

Dust can enter through the cooling vents of a traditional projector, causing reduced light intensity. Our projectors feature a sealed optical unit cooled with liquid coolant to prevent the infiltration of dust.

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