Ci Media Cloud

Built for professional production

Digital media, powered by cloud

One cloud platform, all your media workflows. Ci was designed to make content production more collaborative, creative, and efficient—whatever the size of the project and wherever your people work.

Media, tools, teamwork—all in the cloud.

Add cloud and remove obstacles. Ci gives you a central hub for your content, pro tools to handle it, and smooth integration with other systems. Do the work of FIVE tools in ONE platform, with rapid file transfers, transcoding, media management, collaborative review, and archiving.

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Secure to the core

We built Ci with security in mind. The platform is ISO 27001:2013 certified and runs on Amazon Web Services. We have multi-factor user authentication and SSO support. Media is encrypted whether it’s in transit or at rest. And our apps have additional password protection and watermarking.

Can we help you streamline your video projects?

Get in touch to talk about how you might be able to use Ci. Explore all the tools and functionality that will help you with managing your media and projects.
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Access control that works for you

We offer a choice of two access models for Ci, so you have complete control of your content. Whether you need free and open collaboration, or secure access to massive libraries, Ci is ready. Simply choose the best model for your teams—or use a combination of both.

Workspace – Develop content as a team

Give everyone an online space where they can work together, remotely. No more content silos—your whole team has cloud access to all of your media. With unlimited users, powerful apps, and intuitive tools, collaboration is quicker and easier. Seamlessly review and annotate files so you can deliver work faster. All while you keep source files safe and accessible, 24/7, with zero downtime.

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Catalog – Manage your content libraries

Control access to your media, from the enterprise level down to individual users. Easily set and update permissions for each folder in your system, so different departments or organizations can use the same space without clashes. Advanced management options let you adjust user groups and individual access with ease. And each copy of a file is synchronized with the others, meaning changes to one will automatically update all of them.

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Meet Ci Catalog

No matter how much content you have, Ci Catalog will keep it secure. Watch our video to find out how you could take control of your media—and keep control.

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We designed our cloud platform to be smart, collaborative, and productive—with features for professional media workflows.

Smart media handling

  • Fast file acquisition
  • Automated processing
  • Smarter search
  • Cloud storyboarding
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Safer content

  • Secure sharing
  • Automated storage processes
  • World-class security
  • User administration
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Tailored to you

  • Seamless integrations
  • Stand-out branding
  • Expert support
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Explore Ci's features in more detail

Premium Features

We offer powerful add-ons and advanced features for our enterprise customers, to help them achieve more and make the most of Ci.

Do more, spend less

  • Usage discounts
  • Premium proxies
  • Custom transcoding
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New levels of automation

  • Auto-QC
  • Auto-transcription
  • Caption transformation
  • Metadata auto-logging
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Explore our premium features

Tools and Apps

To make sure we deliver for our customers and their workflows, we built professional apps that make collaboration easier and more productive.

Better transfers

  • MediaBox
  • File Request
  • Ci Relay
  • External Transfers
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Better collaboration and creativity

  • MediaLog
  • RoughCut
  • Image/VideoReview
  • LiveSessions
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Find out how Ci can enhance your workflows

Nine Network delivers news faster, cheaper, with Ci Media Cloud

Nine Network uses Ci to deliver news packages from the field to the studio in minutes. Whether teams are working in the studio or thousands of miles away, their workflows are faster and costs are lower.

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