A cloud-native content management and workflow solution.

A scalable, hybrid solution

Your content is valuable and maximizing its potential is priceless. NavigatorX is the powerful content management and workflow solution that’s a perfect fit for today’s diverse production environments, whether across cloud or on-premises.

Flexible in every way

NavigatorX is built using a microservices architecture, which allows each service to operate independently. As a result, updates to one service will not impact the others, leading to increased resilience and adaptability of the entire system. You will have full control over your resources, costs, and media.

Furthermore, each component of the system can be deployed either in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid setup, offering greater flexibility in implementation.

A diagram with ‘NavigatorX’ word in the middle and a display of services
Workflow monitor interface of NavigatorX

Automate your workflows

With NavigatorX, various workflows can be configured and automated to meet your specific needs. The platform includes a web-based workflow editor application that simplifies the process of creating customized workflows and boosts your productivity.

Moreover, integration with A2 Production allows you to automate workflows using artificial intelligence. Example: generating automatic highlights for sports content.

Find and access valuable content faster

Empowering customers to customize data on NavigatorX GUI

Whether you are dealing with variety shows, sports events, or educational content, you can create the optimal data based on your needs. In addition to simple text search, you can also reliably search by specifying complex conditions for each metadata item.

NavigatorX interface, with multiple thumbnails on the left and image details on the right
AdnKronos office with people at their desks and logo on the wall

Adnkronos uses the cloud and on-prem hybrid solution

Learn how the Italian news agency Adnkronos uses the cloud and on-prem hybrid content management and workflow solution for their news production and distribution workflow.

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