Applying Sony's SDK to Block Cameras for Quantum Systems Optimal Drone Performance

Quantum-Systems chose Sony for payload integration to improve brand recognition and competitive advantages.

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The Challenge

  • Ensure unmatched flight time and coverage, with easy to control and operate systems for professional users in commercial and governmental sectors
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The Solution

  • Provide an exceptional level of dedicated technical support, particularly in terms of the SDK for UMC cameras
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The Outcome

  • The Trinity F90+ uses Sony RGB cameras for high-quality mapping and the SDK helps with easy integration. The cameras and the UAV deliver 90 minutes of flight time, providing coverage throughout the drone flight
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Brand recognition was very important. Whenever Sony is mentioned, our customers understand what their cameras are capable of, especially the RX1 and UMC. This broad awareness was an important factor in choosing Sony. Customers feel confident in the reliability and quality of the outputs.

Quantum Systems

Take image quality with remote accessibility to new heights

Quantum-Systems use the Trinity F90+ drone in combination with the Sony RX1 and the UMC RGB cameras. This offers high-quality mapping for their customers and Quantum-Systems only need to do small modifications in order to maximize their potential of drone operations. With the help of SDK, the imagery files can be remotely accessible from the inserted camera SD Card while the drone is still in flight mode.

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Applying SDK to UMC camera

It’s important to note that the SDK for the UMC is different from the standard application of Sony’s Camera Remote SDK for other cameras. However, Quantum Systems was able to benefit from Sony’s after-sales team in order to get the maximum support and knowledge on integration.

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Sony SDK Services

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