Digital Imaging Solutions

Combine Sony's range of cameras and lenses for every environment with SDK remote control.

Build a powerful remote camera ecosystem

Sony’s Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK) is a documented and fully supported set of API functions that you can easily call from third-party applications. With direct software access to camera features, the SDK empowers developers to create the most efficient workflows possible.

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Digital Imaging Solutions for your business needs

Advanced technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Our goal is to provide solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to the changing landscape of components. Experience seamless photography with a wide selection of cameras and lenses that work in tandem with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Enhance your photogrammetry workflow

With our range of high-precision Sony cameras, you can seamlessly implement “photobooth” photogrammetry features. Utilize SDK to remotely configure your cameras, and easily transfer images for further processing, storage, and distribution.

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Take 3D image scanning to new dimensions

Automate the settings of multiple Sony cameras at once, whether you’re using just one camera or 500 of them. Save significant development time and configure your SDK application to ensure a stylistic standard across the entire production process.

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Two Sony cameras.

Seamlessly operate commercial drones

Integrate your chosen camera with a drone to capture precise aerial images. Control your drone operation and remotely offload image files and heavy data, without needing to bring your equipment to the ground.

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A render of a flight path.

Keep your data precise and safe

Security is paramount. Sony’s in-camera technology ensures secure control of your workflow as you remotely transfer and store data with ease.

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Get in touch with us to download SDK and find out more about our Digital Imaging Solutions


Software Development Kit Available

SDK version 1.10 will be available with new functions from September 13th, 2023 and will also add support for ILCE-7CR and ILCE-7CM2. V1.11 will follow in approximately one month and add support for ILX-LR1.

  • SDK Module
  • API Reference
  • Sample Code

Supported Devices

  • ILX-LR1*3
  • ILME-FX6V/ILME-FX6T (Ver. 3.00 or later), ILME-FX3 (Ver. 2.00 or later), ILME-FX30
  • ZV-E1
  • DSC-RX0M2 (Ver. 3.00 or later)
  • ILCE-6700M / ILCE-6700L / ILCE-6700

Supported Interface

  • USB
  • Wired LAN

Supported OS

  • macOS® 11.1 – / macOS® 12.1 – / macOS® 13.1 –
  • Windows® 10 *1 *2 / Windows® 11 *2
  • Linux® 64bit (ARMv8)
  • Linux® 32bit (ARMv7)
  • Linux® 64bit (x86)

*1 64-bit only

*2 Computers with Intel or AMD processors (does not work on ARM-processor-based computers)

*3 Requires V1.11 firmware