Could digital image enhancements help surgeons see more in the operating room?

Dr. Takeaki Ishizawa is a world-leading expert in fluorescence-guided surgery. This makes him the perfect professional to assess the Color and Structure enhancement feature (CAS) of our NUCLeUS™ imaging platform. This image-processing application could help surgeons by giving them a clearer, sharper view of surgeries, and Dr. Ishizawa shared his thoughts with us in an in-depth interview.

Dr. Takeaki Ishizawa

“The impression I have had using CAS imaging is that the combination of color and structural enhancements makes it much easier to identify blood vessels and nerves buried in the tissue. It is also easier to get a sense of the tissue’s depth.”

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Dr. Takeaki Ishizawa image

Clear images with enhanced details and colors

Working in hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery, Dr. Ishizawa is familiar with the need for precise imagery. By boosting colors and sharpening details in surgical video feeds, he saw that CAS could help surgeons to identify different structures and discriminate between different types of tissue during operations.

Adjustable enhancements for fine-tuned pictures

While fluorescence-guided surgery aims to make structures more visible, edges can sometimes become blurred. With CAS, surgeons can adjust an image’s parameters to help avoid this problem, heightening or decreasing colors and details. This can even be done via a touch screen, making adjustments fast and easy.

HD endoscopic images of the liver with CAS turned on and off

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More efficient surgeries

As Dr. Ishizawa noted, connecting and operating surgical video equipment can be complex and time-consuming. Our NUCLeUS imaging platform is simple to set up and use, regardless of the imaging device you connect. This could, in turn, make operations more efficient and help hospitals keep to their surgery schedules.

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